Hard Drive filling with Unknown Files

  Frnk 02:07 25 Apr 2007

I keep getting messages of very low disc space - deleting files and using DiscCleanup has less and less effect and the computer is grinding to a halt. I suspect that files are being transferred from the external hard drive - but I can't locate these files.

However, under Documents and Settings/ESYS, properties tells me that it contains 106GB (size on disc 32.5GB). The HD is 40GB. When I remove the visible folders (Desk Top, Favourites, My Documents, Start Menu, and a file entitled USB) ESYS still contains 105GB - in an apparently empty folder. Could these be the files that are filling up my hard drive? I haven't the nerve to delete or erase it.

Has anyone any idea how I can stop these files being transferred (if that is what is happening), and how I can locate and get rid of the files filling my computer?

  Gongoozler 09:52 25 Apr 2007

Hi Frnk. I'm puzzled. If your hard drive is 40G, how can it contain a 106G folder? In "My Computer" if you right click on the C drive and select "Properties", what does it give as "Used space", "Free space" and "Capacity"? What does it give for the same things for any other drives?

  Frnk 12:32 25 Apr 2007

Thanks for the reply Gongoozler. "C" Used space: 37.1GB; Free space: 156MB; Capacity: 37.2GB. External drive "F" Used space: 201GB; Free space: 77.7GB; Capacity:279GB. That appears be be about right.

The 106GB (32.5GB size on disc) reading is for C/Documents and Settings/ESYS. I am guessing that the 106GB have been compressed by DiscCleanup - but it's only a guess! Hope this helps. I'll try again to post this - 4th time!

  tnazgul 13:45 25 Apr 2007

Thanks for the reply Gongoozler. "C" Used space: 37.1GB; Free space: 156MB; Capacity: 37.2GB. External drive "F" Used space: 201GB; Free space: 77.7GB; Capacity:279GB. That appears be be about right

Mentions 156MB not GB

  Gongoozler 16:22 25 Apr 2007

With only 156M free space on a 40G drive, I'm not surprised that the computer is grinding to a halt. If your Windows was pre-installed on your computer, I think there is quite likely to be a backup installation on the drive. If you are running Windows XP, system restore can also take up a lot of space, but you can reduce the amount of space allocated to it. Temporary Internet files can waste a lot of space, and if you gave a broadband connection you can reduce this to less than 10M. I find that Ccleaner click here very good for cleaning out accumulated rubbish. I suspect, however, that most of the space is taken up by "My Documents", especially if you have photos stored there. To keep the computer running smoothly I would recommend keeping the C drive less than 75% full.

  Jack Hackett 17:09 25 Apr 2007

Some things you can do to gain a it of space

Reduce the amount of space the System Restore uses.

Delete Hotfix Uninstaller files (CCleaner has an option to do this) although you can do it manually yourself.

Uninstall any old programs you dont use any more.

Turn off the Hibernate function

  Jack Hackett 17:13 25 Apr 2007

It wouldnt surprise me if you have many duplicate files in your Documents and Settings too.

Locate duplicate files with this tool
click here

I assume youve scanned for viruses and other nasties too, there are viruses that create files that fill up your drive.

  Diversion 18:37 25 Apr 2007

I had this problem a few years ago; check your programs in Add & Remove Programs to see if there is anything there that you haven't installed. Because when I just happened to check mine at the time, I found an item that was about 5.5GB in size and it was a program that had installed itself unknown to me. And it was taking note and duplicating all the software that I had on my computer and all the document files too. I located the file under programs; it had duplicated all my software and my operating system and the job lot on my computer. It was some sort of search engine collecting all the information from my computer, I uninstalled it on the spot and I had to delete the folder in safe mode because it would not let me delete it in normal mode. I have done weekly checks on my Add & Remove Program files since that happened but found nothing like it since, but I have more internet security now than what I had then.

  wee eddie 18:49 25 Apr 2007

Your problem is explained if I have read you right You have a 40GB hard Drive with 37.1GB of Files on it.

Your Hard Drive is almost full.

When your PC works normally it uses part of the Hard Drive as Virtual Memory. As a Hard Drive approaches capacity your PC is unable to use that Virtual Memory and so becomes slower. It may even be trying to use the External Drive as Virtual Memory which would explain the empty files.

What is the solution? Transfer a lot of your Files onto your External Drive so that the Internal Drive is less than half full.

  Frnk 18:53 25 Apr 2007

Many thanks for the above advice. I will try the suggestions and come back with the results.

  Frnk 11:30 26 Apr 2007

Third time trying to post a reply! What is wrong with this board?? Well, I've done a general clear out based on the above - a couple of things I don't know how to - System Restore and Hotfix items, for eg. There is nothing suspicious in Add and Remove. I don't know if there is a Backup system installed though I know there is one in the External HD. I've run Norton Antivirus and Window Washer, deleted and moved files to the external HD. (Counterspy isn't working - Sunbelt are trying to fix it. Don't know if this is significant.) C drive still reads 37.1GB used and 145MB free.

I can't find any large files (program files, for example, is only 1.86GB) apart from Documents and Settings/ESYS which "Properties" tells me is Size 106GB and Size on disc 32.5GB. I don't know whether "Size" refers to the disk or to the files on it. The disk is actually 40GB. The actual visible folders on ESYS add up to less that 1GB. Could there be invisible files in ESYS. (ESYS is the computer brand) And how can I find out? Or am I barking up the wrong tree??

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