Hard Drive filling up fast

  oldpete 15:20 18 May 2005

With a 160Gb hard drive and about 2Gb(max)of data on it, I now discover that I have less than 68Gb of free space left...anyone got any idea how or why this could happen. the machine is 6 months old, XP home edition with a Gb of memory. oldpete

  TomJerry 15:47 18 May 2005

(1) you surely have more then 2GB becuase XP and all programs take up space.

(2) check the file system, make sure it is not FAT. You need FAT32 or NTFS.

(3) Check you really have all 160GB available to use, run "diskmgmt.msc" to check it

(4) run disk clean up to clean Temp files

  Sans le Sou 16:00 18 May 2005

Are you sure that the information is correct, as TomJerry says look in disk management, or is that where the info comes from. It would take a lot of system restore points to use all that space, the big users of space are video and wav files.

  oldpete 16:26 18 May 2005

I note what TomJerry said, and the 2 Gb of data is personal stuff, the operating system takes around 15 Gb, I did, stop restore and saved 3 Gb before I posted my question, I would imagin I have lost around 50/60Gb.
Thanks for your imput.

  bruno 16:46 18 May 2005

Are you sure your drive is not partitioned and you are only reading one section.The Operating system should not use 15Gb.

  oldpete 16:47 18 May 2005

Thanks guys for all your advice, I shall just let it fill up and then reformat.
I apologize to Sans Le Sou for emailing him, it was an error. Thanks again.

  oldpete 16:52 18 May 2005

Bruno, when I said OS took 15 GB, I meant the OS plus programs and the like, I am reading the correct drive. Thank you all, my first time on this forum...I think? for a long time at least.

  Micro-Man 15:49 19 May 2005

Is this a duplicate posting? see click here

  oldpete 16:29 19 May 2005

Yes, afraid it was a duplicate posting,

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