Hard Drive Failure?? Please Help!!

  sunny_p112 15:10 17 Jul 2009

Hey All,

I have a Maxtor 3200 external hard drive...been running fine for 2 or so years.

Recently, I've noticed that when I try to access certain files/folders on the drive, it simply crashes the computer. I first thought it could be my machine/OS so i tried using another computer and the same thing happens.

I have done a basic 'ScanDisk' check in Windows and its found no errors. I did not select the 'Automatically fix file system errors' or 'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors' as the last time I did, it simply just deleted the files rather than fixing them.

I am looking to purchase a new external drive and copy the files over but when trying to do this with my local drive, it simply crashes.

Any help would be appreciated, I have a lot of important data on the drive I cant afford to lose!!



  woodchip 16:00 17 Jul 2009

You need to copy what you can and then do a scan and auto fix of the drive. You are going to lose some files I think

  Pamy 16:33 17 Jul 2009

I would download Maxstore free dignostic software and run that first

  sunny_p112 16:43 17 Jul 2009

I've tried the diagnostic software (Seatools) but I keep getting a 'Test Unavailable' message everytime I try to run a test.

Is there any other way I can save my data without losing?

  Pamy 16:50 17 Jul 2009

you could try Acronis tue image but no guarantee it will work

  howard64 17:07 17 Jul 2009

some ext drives have separate electronics beside the drive - assuming it is out of warranty can you open the case and see if it is a normal hard drive? If it is you might be able to connect it as a slave drive and copy the contents off it.

  woodchip 18:42 17 Jul 2009

It will be a normal drive, you may be able to get it going as above, remove it from Caddy and fit as a Slave in your Desktop computer

  Pineman100 18:52 17 Jul 2009

I have no personal experience of the following, and they may be high risk suggestions, but for what they're worth...

Firstly, have a look at the ZAR site: click here. I have read some good reports about their software.

Secondly, I have read a number of reports (one of them on this forum) that freezing the drive can help in harvesting data from a failing drive... believe it or not!

Put the drive into an airtight bag, then put it in the freezer for at least an hour (some people say two hours). Take it out, and then connect it as quickly as possible to the computer. If the reports I have read are to be believed, you could find that previously unavailable files are suddenly available to be copied off the drive.

Placing the drive on a freezer gelpack keeps it cold for longer. But if it warms up too much, you'll have to freeze it again.

I repeat - these ideas come with no guarantees whatsoever, but if all else fails....

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