Hard drive failure or BIOS oddity?

  ibseeking 03:50 22 Dec 2007

I started this in another thread (click here) but was suggested to start a new thread. So here goes.

Had problems with intermittent hard drive problems with 2 250GB WD HDD (corrupt MBR, Partition tables, bad sectors, ...) until they wouldn't work anymore. Before the HDD would crap out, I would be able to reboot the computer if the hard drives were "warmed up". But if the computer had been turned off for any length of time it would give me a Disk error on boot. I would leave the computer on for 15 minutes reboot and everything would be OK. But now the BIOS is givin me some very weird behavior. See click here

HDD was recognised in BIOS however not right serial number or model. Unplugged hard drive and installed in external enclosure and was recognised as RAW HDD. Used TestDisk (great little utility BTW!) to rebuild partition and MBR. Was recognised in external enclosure without problems and able to access files. Backed up the HDD then put back in to computer and same weird BIOS behavior appears (see image). Tried with another HDD, changed IDE cables, same result. So I am wondering, is it a problem with IDE controller, CMOS battery, Motherboard, etc. What should be my next step? I've already tried to find info by googleing however it like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Thanks in advance for any help.

BTW when I try booting from WIN XP disk it says "Non-system disk or disk error" and progs on Hirem's don't recognise HDD.

  skidzy 08:59 22 Dec 2007

Have you changed the CMOS battery ?

Also maybe a reset bios to default settings may help here.

To me its looks like a corrupt bios.Have you looked for an updated bios ?

Though be careful,as updating the bios could render the machine useless.

Make sure the bios update comes from the correct source if you go down this route.

  User-312386 09:33 22 Dec 2007

Could be not enough power from PSU

  skidzy 09:45 22 Dec 2007

Not sure if Imageshack is down,but i cannot get to see your link in Firefox or IE7.

Others may confirm this,or i have a small problem my end.

  skidzy 09:48 22 Dec 2007

" BTW when I try booting from WIN XP disk it says "Non-system disk or disk error" and progs on Hirem's don't recognise HDD. "

click here

  petter.smith12 09:56 22 Dec 2007

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  skidzy 10:01 22 Dec 2007

Here we go again..the spammer is back !!!

ignore the post @ Sat, 22/12/[email protected]:56

I think the FE will deal with this sooner than later !!

  ibseeking 11:12 22 Dec 2007

Thanks skidzy and madboy33

I guess this is what I'll be trying today:

I'll start by trying to reset the BIOS (althought I had already tried that before) and then updating the BIOS. If that doesn't work would replacing the BIOS chip be the next step? Would it be a viable alternative? Then I guess the next step would be to change the PSU. Madboy33, is there a way of testing the PSU before replacing it? Then if still no joy would the next step be replacing the motherboard? Anything else I should try?

I'll check back later to give an update!

  ibseeking 11:18 22 Dec 2007

BTW Skidzy, I was unable to connect to Imageshack with IE7. They must be down.

  ibseeking 04:07 23 Dec 2007

Just to let everyone know that I finally solved the problem thanks to everybody's help. It would seem that the problems were due to a faulty IDE cable. I had tried another IDE cable the I ahd lying around to check to see if that was the problem but I guess the reason that IDE cable was lying around was because IT WAS FAULTY TOO! Anyways I ripped out a third cable from a second computer that was working and TADA everything was back to normal. However, it ended up corrputing the info in the MBR and the Partiton table and the OS which ended up causing problems with the other peripherals. I ended up having to rebuild the partition table and the MBR on the hard drive, flash the BIOS and reinstall Win XP. But everything is up and running and I didn't lose a file or a motherboard. (I did have a backup but it's still better to not have lost anything!).

Anyways thanks to all who responded. The suggestions were appreciated.

  User-312386 07:59 23 Dec 2007

good to see its all done and fixed

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