hard drive failure

  hugh-322546 16:59 17 Mar 2003

After my computer failed to boot, I installed a second hard drive and installed windows xp. I've been able to transfer some of the files, but want to transfer my e-mails - can't seem to find them. This was in Outlook Express - Windows 98. Any ideas would be appreciated. I realise they may be irretrievably lost but living in hope!

  flecc 17:12 17 Mar 2003

Windows 98 outlook express keeps them in, Windows, Application data, Identities, {group of numbers}, Micro$oft, Outlook Express.

Therefore they are irretrievably lost unless you at some time changed that destination from within Outlook Express.

Sorry about the bad news.

If you want to play safe in future, XP keeps them here:-

Documents and Settings, "user name", Local Settings, Application Data, Identities, {group of numbers}, Micro$oft, Outlook Express.

You can change that to another partition if you wish, or merely take a copy of the file from time to time to preserve the information.

  Lú-tzé 17:13 17 Mar 2003

Your emails should be in a series of files with the extension .dbx - have a look for that.

  MAJ 17:14 17 Mar 2003

No they shouldn't be lost, Newuser4200, they're kept in what's called a Store Folder, which by default is at:

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{25 digit ID number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Copy this folder to your new drive, then go to OE (new drive), Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > Store Folder button > Change button and browse to the folder you copied from the other drive. Your emails should be restored.

  Lú-tzé 17:16 17 Mar 2003

Whoops - I don't meant to contradict flecc - he knows what's what. Just my luck to post a reply and find his esteemed presence had already been and gone!

  MAJ 17:31 17 Mar 2003

Newuser4200 stated that he/she installed XP on a second drive, not that he/she formatted the old drive and also said that he/she retrieved other files from the old drive, so the Store Folder should also be still intact on the old drive (hopefully).

  hugh-322546 20:39 17 Mar 2003

Thank you all, nearly there!
Found the Store Folder, did as Maj advised, copied etc. but still can't open.But at least files still there, so nearly sorted!

  hugh-322546 20:40 17 Mar 2003

Thank you all, nearly there!
Found the Store Folder, did as Maj advised, copied etc. but still can't open.But at least files still there, so nearly sorted!

  MAJ 23:47 17 Mar 2003

Okay Hugh, you've found the folder with all the old .dbx files in it. Create a new folder on your new desktop, call it..... emails... for example and copy and paste all your old .dbx files to that "emails" folder. Now open Outlook Express and go to Tools > Options > Maintentenance tab > Store Folder button, click the Change button. You will now see a "browse for folder" dialog box. Navigate, using that dialog box, to the "emails" folder you have just created on your desktop. It will probably be right at the bottom of that dialog box. Click on it to select it, click OK. You will be returned to the Store Location box, with your new "emails" folder displayed in it e.g

C:\Documents and Settings\Hugh\Desktop\emails

click OK on that. You will get a warning message warning that you could delete the files inside, click YES to keep the files. Then it tells you that you will be using the new store folder when you restart OE, click OK. Shut down OE and restart it. Your old emails should now appear.

  DieSse 00:02 18 Mar 2003

You don't really need to mess around with the store folder location.

If you have all your old emails in a folder on your new drive - then start OE - got to File - Import - and then when the wizard asks you to browse to where the files are - point it to the folder you have made is - and it'll import them into the new standard store folder position. Or even import them directly from the old drive.

This is a better option with XP, due to the way in which is keeps data for different users in the system.

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