Hard drive failure?

  andman123 15:56 24 Dec 2006

Every now and then when I switch my PC on, either from afresh, or restart, it will setup as normal but when the Windows XP screen appears, the hard drive makes a clicking noise and it stops loading - the screen though continues to display the Windows XP logo.

I think I have narrowed this down to the external USB hard drive. When this is attached, the problem can occur. It has yet to happen when not attached.

So, is there something I can tweak to stop this happening? Do I have a faulty hard drive?

Thanks in advance to all who can help.

  Stuartli 16:06 24 Dec 2006

When I had a hard drive that was emitting clicking noises the drive proved to be on its way out - a new one and backup sorted it out.

  SB23 16:21 24 Dec 2006

As above, backup now, and replace. Mine was making grinding sounds aswell. Sounded like it was going to take off!

  Arnie 16:32 24 Dec 2006

If the External USB hard drive is clicking, the drive's motor could be overloading. This may be adding extra load on the USB's output socket and thereby affecting the boot up.

Finicky things computers!

  LastChip 16:36 24 Dec 2006

Most manufacturers of hard drives have diagnostic software available on their web sites.

It may be advisable to take a look at whether it's available for your drive. If it is, run it and note the result.

  andman123 16:40 24 Dec 2006

Thanks for these replies. It's the internal SATA drive that clicks. And this happens only during boot up and when the USB hard drive (WD Book drive) is attached. Other than this, the internal hard drive works as it should.

But, I have backed everything up, just in case!

So, the view is a new internal hard drive may be necessary.

  andman123 16:42 24 Dec 2006

The internal drive is a WD SATA drive. There is a diagnostic program I have run and the drive passes. Also used the recent diagnostic tool suggested in recent PCA letters page. Again, no bad results.

  skidzy 17:17 24 Dec 2006

Check your psu,it may be not enough power getting through once the external drive is connected.

Im afraid the only way to check your psu is to open the case.Really you should be looking for something in the region of 400 watt upwards.

If running games,intensive graphic cards etc or more drives...500 watt plus.

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