Hard Drive Failure?

  olyman 09:57 02 Sep 2005

I think my hard drive is on the brink of failing. There are clicking noises which I assume are coming from the HD and start up and loading programs takes forever. I ran a "CheckDisk" which took literally hours which found no errors but the start-up failed with "boot disk failure". Two attempts to boot after pulling the plug stopped at "primary master failed". The third and subsequent boots have worked but at a snails pace.
Before I buy a replacement HD I would like reassurance that some file corruption or virus is not the problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:06 02 Sep 2005

I would buy and install a new disk as soon as possible; certainly sounds that it is failing.

  Stuartli 10:11 02 Sep 2005

Get it backed up as quickly as possible and then replace the drive.

Use the drive for the absolute minimum (preferably not at all!) until the backup is done and dusted.

Better safe than sorry.

  olyman 10:19 02 Sep 2005

I suppose those answers were inevitable!
I have already backed up my data.
Another pointer is the fact that the recovery partition on my hard disk is no longer accesible - unrecognised format. Fortunately I have a recovery disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 02 Sep 2005

The HDD sounds like its had it.

The bad news is that the rcovery disc may only contain software to access the recovery partition.

You may need to copy the whole HDD to another HDD to retain your windows software and drivers.

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

  olyman 00:43 03 Sep 2005

Thanks for the information and links.
I think you may be right about the recovery partition. Fortunately Targa also supplied an XP CD-ROM, which I assume has the full XP installation, together with various discs for the firmware/software.
I've had a look at the Maxtor site and located Maxblast 4 which I presume is a later version. My drive is a Diamond Max.
I assume that the Seetools diagnostics will only be suitable for Seegate drives, a pity as the Maxblast doesn't seem to have a diagnostic function.

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