hard drive failure

  conrail 22:03 27 Mar 2005

looking for advice on disposing of a hard drive that has crashed, don't want data to get into the wrong hands, all suggestions welcome, drive size is 120gb with xp pro and lots of other programs on

  Alex-188000 22:07 27 Mar 2005

what do you meen crashed?

  alan227 22:15 27 Mar 2005

If the hard drive is totally dead have some fun and smash it to pieces with a large hammer that will destroy all the data.

  conrail 22:57 27 Mar 2005

busy backing up at the moment before I get rid but it keeps asking me to insert the boot disc at start up a few times before doing a complete disc check where it finds lots of errors, loads windows but keeps crashing after about 5 mins, using it at the moment to get what I can before I repace it

  THE TERMINATOR 23:47 27 Mar 2005

why dont you repair XP with the repair console, and by doing this it will check the integrity of your disk. To boot up from the XP cd you will have to change your boot options in the BIOS. It just might save your drive.

  DieSse 00:18 28 Mar 2005

Take off the cover and have a look inside - you may find it interesting.

Then rip off the heads and hit the disks with a hammer.

  Paranoid Android 01:12 28 Mar 2005

It is very difficult to completely destroy data on a disk against professional recovery methods, but most people don't need that much security. In your case I would say re-format the drive, then remove the top cover and physically damage the disc platters as others have suggested. If you want to be really paranoid (like me) you could finish off by chucking it in a fire.

To behonest the real problem comes with hard discs that are to be re-sold, where the option of physical damage cannot be used.


  conrail 20:37 29 Mar 2005

thanks TERMINATOR but repair just kept resetting to the start, install, repair, etc., a disc scan gets to 42% then stops, left overnight and all the next day, so looks like a new disc, thanks for all suggestions on dealing with it, I will take it apart and customise??? it so it cannot be used again, mail thing is I have go off what I need, work stuff, mine and wifes's and daughters uni stuff (anyone with a teenage daughter will know that failure here would result in ww3) and sons gcse stuff so can now hammer away to my hearts content

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