muddypaws 09:05 17 Oct 2004

On behalf of 'rotamotor' ( registered user)-----. He switched on this morning as usual, booted up ok, all working normally.
Left it for 10 minutes, it switched itself off as if doing a re-start, but only booted as far as screen displaying 'F1 set up' and 'F10 system recovery'.
Then displays the message ' Primary and slave hard disc failure'. Also 'press F2 to continue'.
On pressing F2 he gets a black screen , flashing white cursor at the top. Then a message on the black screen appears ' Disc boot failure. Insert system disc and press enter'
What disc does this refer to. He has all the relevant software recovery discs- Win XP etc.
Urgent help please.
Using XP home and Pentium 4.

  AndySD 09:51 17 Oct 2004

The disk refers to the Hard Drive.

When first booting press F1 then in the BIOS/SETUP is there any hard drive showing.

  rotormota 10:39 17 Oct 2004


Partial success. It was the slave drive which would not boot so I have disconnected it & have at least got primary functions on the main C drive back.

Thing is, my slave drive has a lot of software & data on it. Any ideas how to retrieve this if at all.

The pc does still see the slave drive by the way but that is it.


  Rayuk 11:45 17 Oct 2004

Have you tried to copy anything off it without success?
Run the manufacturers diagnostic software on the drive see what error code if any it comes up with.

  rotormota 12:51 17 Oct 2004

I mean it recognises it in the F1 set up windows but not in the operating system because with the slave connected it does not boot any further than the F1/F2/F10 stage.


  coolteentom 12:51 17 Oct 2004

My friend also had a similar problem yesterday: it restarted after about ten minutes of it being on, and it came up with 'boot failure'. This is for his only hardrive, so he is unable to boot up anything.

Also, when he tried to restore everything, it would not let him, and told him something like an ATP Controller could not be found. I thought maybe a cable had come undone in the computer??

  Dorsai 13:06 17 Oct 2004

Is the failed drive on the same IDE cable as your OS HDD C:?

As i read your post, it is. I would swap it to the second IDE cable, and set to master. if you have a cd/dvd writer, put it onto the primary ide cable, as slave., for backing up failing disk.

If the slave HDD has failed, it may be interfering with the correct operation of the C: drive, as they are on the same cable, hence the failure to boot. By putting it on the second ide cable, you MAY be able to boot up with the HDD connected. but it may then inter fear with the cd-writer, hence suggestion to put cd onto primary cable, as slave.

But if it has failed all may be lost, and if you can see it, you may have a very short period of time to copy off it, before it dies, if it has not already.

So be ready with blank CD's if no room on the C: drive for the other drive's contents.

Programs can always be re-installed or downloaded, so i would just try and get the personal data off, if you can.

This is what I would do. IF it happened to me. I have no idea if it will work.

  rotormota 13:57 17 Oct 2004

Hello Dorsai,
Your idea sounds good but may be a tad beyond me. Are the IDE cables the grey flat ones? If so then both drives are on the same one. Are you saying take the cable out of the main C drive & put it in to the HDD? How do I set it to master?

The cd/dvdwriter connection I'm not sure about at all. It's a maze of flat grey cables though I think I can see the word 'master' on the cable going into the rom drive (not the writer).

By unplugging the 'C' drive, will this completely corrupt the pc or is it simply a case of plugging the 'C' drive back in after trying your idea & it will be ok again?


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