Hard Drive Error

  ACOLYTE 12:22 07 Apr 2006

My Son's hard drive gave up the ghost yesterday
he was playng a game and it started making a loud "clicking" sound,it then came up with a windows kernal error BSOD i turned off the pc, and checked all the connection's,on trying to restart the hard drive wasnt recognised by the bios and was still making a very loud clicking sound.What i want to ask is do you think i could still get information off this drive if i set it as slave to a new one?,he has some school cousework on it and really thats all he is bothered about.I dont want to do it if it will course damage to the new drive,im not even 100% the bios would see it as it didnt before.

  ed-0 12:31 07 Apr 2006

the chances are 50 - 50 you could recover some of the data. It all depends on how far the hard drive has deteriated. Did you not have SMART enabled in the bios?

There will be absolutely no chance of damaging the new hard drive if you set it up correctly.

I would disconnect the old hard drive. Insert new drive and install operating system. Turn machine off and disconnect the optical drives on the second IDE channel. Connect the old hard drive and boot up. Hopefully it will see the old hard drive long enough for you to get the data off.

  ACOLYTE 12:37 07 Apr 2006

Thx ed-0,I don't really know if Smart was enabled on that PC he sorts most things himself i rarely have a lot to do with it,the way he described it to me it was a sudden failure so i don't know if smart would have picked up on it.I will have a try at getting info off the drive,but I'm not holding out much hope,it really does make a very loud noise.
The drive is about 3 years old i dont know the life expectancy of them but i think it has had a good run.

  vinnyT 14:45 07 Apr 2006

This sounds daft but it does sometimes work. If the data is all you require and the drive is on the way out, then try;

Packing the drive in a freezer bag (well sealed) and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours. Do as ed-0 suggests and have only essential hardware connected, then connect the bad drive as slave, with luck you will be able to retrieve the data and save to the master drive.

Not sure how long the drive will work for, if it works at all, but this is something I have done 3/4 times for some students I know. I've only used this in the last resort, but if the drives damaged any way, it's worth trying.

Hope this helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 07 Apr 2006

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  burry 18:42 07 Apr 2006

Hi Acolyte,

About a year ago I had a hard drive go the same way - exactly the same symptoms as you. BIOS would recognize it about 50% of the time, but it never worked again either way. Tried the freezer trick, setting it as slave etc. SMART gave no warning at all. Never did get the data off it (my backup was fine). As a teacher who has been nagging all his students to get coursework in lately, I feel for you.

Replacement hard drive worked perfectly for a year - now SMART is warning of possible failure soon on this drive, though it is still working at the mo. Anyone know if there is any possibility of a faulty motherboard damaging my drives? I suspect it is just bad luck?

  ACOLYTE 13:14 08 Apr 2006

Thx all, I have tried to set this up as slave in my pc but the bios just wont see the drive,and it makes one hell of a noise,i guess it is realy gone to far,i got him a new HD and he is resigned to doing his coursework again.

Thx e1.

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