Hard drive enclosure problems

  matt-few 14:31 06 Jan 2011


I have an Akasa SATA Hard Drive Enclosue with a 1TB Hitachi drive in it. The drive has about 400GB of HD video broken down into clips no larger than 10GB each.

I have been trying to transfer the footage from my enclosure drive to my pc in no more than 50GB at a time using USB2.

I haven't been able to transfer all my footage yet as every transfer never finishes as the drive disappears from my machine.
I have other enclosures and drives again on USB2 and all work ok. Could it be a problem with the enclosure itself?

Many thanks

  hastelloy 14:43 06 Jan 2011

I've had 2 or 3 HDD enclosures go belly-up on me - always think it's the HDD but, so far, it's always been the enclosure for me, thank goodness.

  matt-few 14:50 06 Jan 2011

Thanks Marvin

Back to PCWorld tonight for a refund and will get another one online!


  GaT7 15:12 06 Jan 2011

Yes, it's most likely at fault if it's the only one playing up. G

  matt-few 15:28 06 Jan 2011

Before I order another one - any recommendations for another replacement?


  GaT7 15:46 06 Jan 2011

Do you have or tried an eSATA one - it's much quicker than USB2 (click here). And they usually come with a USB port as well, so if one connector fails at least you have another one that may continue to function. A few to consider at eBuyer click here, although Scan have a wider choice click here - Icy Box is a fairly good make.

If your motherboard doesn't have an external eSATA port, you'll need an eSATA internal-external adapter plate like click here. And at least one spare internal SATA header. G

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