Hard drive dilemma!

  Fateful Shadow 18:45 12 May 2003

This is not a problem of mine, but my neighbours, and I was wondering if you could help...
He has 2 hard drives, C: and D:. For some odd reason, it will access the C: (Primary) drive and then if you restart, it will either go again to C:, or may go to D:!!! These events are totally random!

This started since he tried to switch his graphics card from "Voodoo" to "GeForce" and back again.

One of his friends suggested removing both Hard disks and starting up the computer, switching it off, replacing the drives and starting up again. I'm not too sure though...

I recently installed AVG for him, it picked up a virus, and nothing bad has happened so far. I'm doing this just incase!


Check tha the drives are assigned correctly in the bios and that both drives are set to master and slave respectfully (Rather than being on cable select or both on master/slave).

One you are sure the drives are set to master and slave if the problem persists then manually set the drives up in the bios to override any automatic assignment that the bios makes.

  Fateful Shadow 18:55 12 May 2003

Could you give me any advice on how to do that properly?!

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