Hard drive data recovery

  Semprini 14:48 17 Feb 2003

My laptop has collapsed - I can't turn it on. I need to recover the data on the hard drive (which I can remove) - how do I do it ?

  Lú-tzé 15:11 17 Feb 2003

It is possible to get a convertor between the 2 1/2 inch disk in the laptop and the ide cable in a regular pc. Thus you can set it up as a slave on a desktop pc.

Are you convinced that the laptop will not start? If you post some symptoms, you may get some help here.

  Semprini 15:24 17 Feb 2003

Anyone know where I can get a converter ?

The laptop symptoms are as below :-
- press the on button and nothing happens !!
- when connecting power supply the LEDs for power and battery charging come on.
- laptop has a history of not recognising a fully charged battery.

Any ideas ?

  Taran 22:05 17 Feb 2003

If you slave the notebook drive to a desktop machine, you can read it and its contents and back the drive up to media of your choice, assuming a CD writer, ZIP drive or DVD writer is present on the host desktop machine.

I always take a ghost image of a second hard disk mounted this way, before trying to rescue or read from it by browsing it in Windows Explorer. This way, if the drive dies or the files corrupt, you can always browse the ghost image and extract your data from within it.

Any local computer shop should be able to help you with the set down IDE cable. Dabs and Simply should also be able to help.

  Taran 22:10 17 Feb 2003

I forgot to mention that the notebook should run direct from the mains, with or without the battery fitted. If it doesn't, you need to look at possible hardware failure or at the least a major BIOS fault.

Many notebook BIOS have a setting in them to completely drain and re-initialize your battery.

Unfortunately, you don't list either the make or model, but since you know this is a historical problem, I'd suggest you should be taking steps to backup up as you work rather than reach the mess you seem to be in now. There a several nice programs that back up your files to a destination of your choice as you work on them, keeping the originals as well as the updated version you are currently busy with as a safeguard. I'd suggest this linked to a ZIP or external CDRW drive once you get your current issue resolved.


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