Hard drive cooling

  Big Elf 15:08 20 Mar 2003

If you wondered how effective hard disk cooling fans are then you may be interested in the following readings noted from my hardware monitor today. The fan fitted to Hard Disk 1 was beginning to rattle which, is why I originally unplugged it after the PC had been running for a couple of hours then a couple of hours after that I replaced it with a new one. I also have a fan on Hard Disk 2. All readings are in Celsius.

The temperature readings below are with a 'Just Cooler HD-600' fan on Hard Disk 1

Mainboard 29°
CPU 41°
Hard Disk 1 27°
Hard Disk 2 24°

The readings below are with no fan fitted to Hard Disk 1

Mainboard 29°
CPU 40°
Hard Disk 1 40°
Hard Disk 2 24°

The readings below are with a fan purchased from Maplins fitted to Hard Disk 1

Mainboard 29°
CPU 41°
Hard Disk 1 22°
Hard Disk 2 24°

A bit unscientific but you can see the replacement cooling fan on Hard Disk 1 reduced the drive temperature by 18°. All the readings were noted after the PC had been running for a couple of hours each time a change was made. I was mainly browsing and not doing any disk intensive tasks though.

  flecc 16:39 20 Mar 2003

Thanks for this, it's interesting to have some facts, but I'm not too surprised as hard drives are often very badly positioned from a cooling point of view and need some help.

How's the noise though, some of these are very noisy?

  Big Elf 18:03 20 Mar 2003

It's difficult to make a judgement on the noise. I think they're quiet but my PSU fan makes a noise like a helicopter taking off so it's a bit difficult to tell. I'm considering a 'quiet' PSU replacement as the soundproof kit I fitted made a difference but not massively so. The fan speed controller fitted to the case fan made no difference and the one fitted to the CPU made only a slight difference.

I've been following your achievements, particularly with STREWTH! with awe, amazement and respect.

Many regards

  SDJ 19:14 20 Mar 2003

On the noise front you may find that if your graphics card has a fan then they are usually the culprit.
I have just fitted a Zalman flower cooler and the results are impressive. no noise from the CPU but the dam graphics card spoils it for me.

Dont suppose anyone has come across a quiet fan (40mm) for a graphics card? or come to that any sound ratings on new graphics cards as my Voodoo has served its time.

  Pilch.... 19:38 20 Mar 2003

By fitting an 80mm fan or larger.

Taking one of the cover's from teh back, bending it flat and you can fit on a fan with 2 screw's to the metal plate. That then means that you can cool the card more efficiently, and also that area where sound card's, network cards and modems all exist.

Not really the sort of answer you wanted, but i think an improvement in the cooling section.

  Big Elf 20:03 20 Mar 2003

In my case it's not the graphic card (generic Radeon 9000 Pro)fan that's making the most noise although it may be more noticeable if/when I fit a quiet(er) PSU. Taking the side of the case off and listening closely definitely confirms that it's the PSU fan producing the most noise. The next noisiest is the CPU fan but after that it's difficult to judge.

  Big Elf 20:18 20 Mar 2003

Further to previous posts. Can anyone recommend a quiet 400W+ PSU (for a Pentium 4) that they've fitted, who supplied it and give me some idea how much quieter it is?

  flecc 20:58 20 Mar 2003

Thanks Big Elf, your computer sounds like as if it's as noisy as my number two, but in my case it's the sum of the five fans that's the problem.

It's an Athlon equipped Systemax, but the new Athlon XP Systemax that I bought in January is very quiet, so the manufacturers seem to be learning.

  flecc 21:00 20 Mar 2003

I think Quietpc.com have suitable power supplies, but they're not cheap.

  Ironman556 21:17 20 Mar 2003

Can't you buy a quiet fan and replace the one in the current PSU or is there more to it than that?

I've just put a q-tec PSU in I bought from a friend, he's put an alaska fan in, it's fairly quiet but not silent.

  Big Elf 21:41 20 Mar 2003


I like the idea of replacing the current PSU fan with a quieter one and as it seems to be possible from what you've said I might try that first.


As this PC will hopefully last at least as long as my previous one (6.5 years before finally giving up the ghost) it's probably a good investment long term to spend, say £50 for something that will make my daily usage more relaxing. However I think I may explore the PSU fan replacement first.

I've started using my local Maplins store (in Southend on Sea) as they are surprisingly knowledgable about PC stuff so will also ask their advice.

I've been looking at the hard drive fan that started to fail. It was designed to channel the air to the rear of the hard drive. The replacement just blows the air in any direction but from the temperature readings appear to be more effective!

By the way the hard drive fans cost £13 if anyone is interested.

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