Hard drive contents - is it hazardous

  mattandrew 09:35 16 Mar 2007

Hope fully someone can shed some light. My brother has recently smashed an old harddrive up in anger and now is worrying that he has got chemicals from inside the hard drive on his skin and it is going to damage him.
Do hard drives contain chemical products that could be hazardous?
The disk broke up into many pieces, do hard drives contain any hazardous liquids?

Hope you dont all think i am mad, thanks in advance matt

  Sheik Yerbouti 09:47 16 Mar 2007

click here

click here

Don't think you need to worry mattandrew.

  Fingees 10:02 16 Mar 2007

I wouldn't worry, it is recommended that if you want to dispose of a hard drive and stop any info from being used from it, You use a hammer.

All the best.

  kinger 10:31 16 Mar 2007

What made your brother so angry?

Someone here may be able to advise on what he could have done to fix the problem.

  keef66 12:03 16 Mar 2007

was he trying to compress his data?

  vinnyT 12:14 16 Mar 2007

Tell him yes, but that viagra can help;-)

PS in case you didn't get the smiley, I'm joking.

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