hard drive connection.

  alibob1526 14:46 06 Oct 2011

I have a western digital 40gb HD and usb2.0 to ide &sata 3 in 1 connection cable set. Does anyone know which connections I should use to connect old hard drive to windows 7 laptop so I can check & transfer HD to laptop.Thanks.

  Taff™ 15:07 06 Oct 2011

It depends on the type of connections on the old HDD. Is the old drive 2.5" or 3.5" wide. (Laptop or Desktop) If it`s an older IDE drive it will have two rows of pins whereas the SATA drives have smaller L shaped connectors.

  wee eddie 15:48 06 Oct 2011

But an External HD USB Case and put in in that. About £20.00

  alibob1526 19:18 07 Oct 2011

The hard drive is from an old Dell Dimension desktop, (How do I tell 2.5 from 3.5)? I have already bought a, USB2.0 IDE to Sata cable but it has a lot of different bits & pieces, all I want to know is which one's to use to transfer into laptop (windows 7)

  lotvic 01:03 08 Oct 2011

As you are not using a caddy - lay the Harddrive down on something a Cork tablemat or a book will do, but don't put it on anything metal

On the rear of Harddrive are two connectors, 1 for the power and 1 to go to usb in laptop.

Connection 1: wall plug electric socket to Power supply transformer box (that reduces the mains electric), connect transformer to the cable with molex connector for a IDE harddrive (or sata if a sata harddrive) plug into Harddrive. This gives the Harddrive it's own electric supply.

(You can switch it on to test it at this stage if you wish, the Harddrive will slightly hum as disk inside the casing starts to spin round)

Before making Connection 2 Switch off wall plug and take out of electric socket if you did a test powerup

Now you need Connection 2: If out of a Desktop PC the harddrive will be a 3.5 (three and a half inches wide disk inside the casing) find the connector that fits and plug into the harddrive, at the other end of this is your usb to plug into laptop. (There might be two usb plugs at the end - just use one of them and leave the other hanging)

Now you can switch on and away you go, the laptop will find the external hardrive.

Remember to use the 'safely remove hardware' on your laptop before unplugging the usb when you have finished using it.

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