asterias 18:05 09 Feb 2010

My PC has 2 internal hard drives designated C & D.They are both connected to the MB via SATA connections.The OS is XP Prof'.The BIOS is currently using only the C drive.Is it possible to configure the BIOS to utilise both the hard drives in parallel?

  MAT ALAN 18:19 09 Feb 2010

You cannot configure the BIOS to do this you will need to run your HDD's in a RAID configuration...

click here

have a good look around the link then ask yourself is this what i really want to do...

  retep888 18:47 09 Feb 2010

I think asterias(I could be wrong)wants to do this
,configure in BIOS so that one moment s/he's in C drive,another moment,just press a button,s/he's operating windows in D drive.

If this is what you're in mind then the answer is no.

However(depends on your motherboard)you can install another windows on D drive and use Boot Menu(usually press F8 while booting up)to choose which drive to log on.

  asterias 18:57 09 Feb 2010

Thk you Mat Alan & retep888 for your advice.

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