Hard drive configuration

  PurdyandFloyd 15:46 31 Dec 2005

A 'friend' installed a new hard drive on my PC and divided into C, D and E Drives. Everything is on the C drive and because there is so little memory left on the C drive, my PC is crawling. It doesn't seem to recognise the D and E drive as part of the overall drive and am failing to see the benefit of the split. How do I:
a) get it to utilise all the memory
b) incorporate all the drives into one?


  AndySD 15:53 31 Dec 2005

Which operating system are you using? eg Windows XP

  PurdyandFloyd 15:54 31 Dec 2005

XP Andy.

  Pineman100 16:09 31 Dec 2005

Firstly, don't confuse "memory" and drive space. Your memory (or RAM) is nothing to do with your hard drive (except that if you have too little memory this will affect the usage of your hard drive).
If your C drive is almost full, why not shift somem or all of your data files on to a different virtual drive?
First back up all your data files for safety. Now go into Windows Explorer, expand My Computer, and look down the left-hand window to find your D and E drives. Now look on C drive and find your My Documents folder. Decide whether you want to shift the whole folder, or just some its sub-folders and highlight everything that you want to move to a different drive. Once they're all highlighted, hold down CTRL and drag the files to one of your other virtual drives. This will copy them all to that drive.
Once the copying is complete, check the integrity of all of your data files on the new virtual drive (obviously you can't open every one, but do as much of an exhaustive check as you can). Once you're happy that they're all there, go back to your C drive and delete all the folders that you've copied across.
It is possible to change the sizes of your D and E drives, or even delete these virtual drives, but you can only do this with specialist software, such as Partition Magic.

  AndySD 16:14 31 Dec 2005

I am assuming that in 'My Computer' you cannot see the D and E drives or that you cant use them.

Go START then Right Click on MY COMPUTER choose MANAGE then DISK MANAGER/

You will see the D and E Drives here right click on D and choose Format and NTFS

Then do the same for E


You will now be able to use the space on these drives.

You cannot make it all one drive without some special software of a total reinstall of Windows and your programs.

But after you have formated the drives you can move things over to the new drivs to give you space.

Post back id you have a problem with formatting the drives or when its done for advice on what to move.

  PurdyandFloyd 16:17 31 Dec 2005

Hi Pineman

Thanks for responding. I have tried shifting stuff to the other drives. The only things left there are the program files which, when I move, documents won't open as they can't find the associated program. I have, at present, 128 MB free space on my C drive and about 3.6 GB free on each of the D and E drives.


  Diemmess 16:20 31 Dec 2005

Without being rude to your friend who had what he thought good reasons to partition the disk, he does seem to have overdone it!
If everything really is on C: then it is possible to extend the c: partition to use the whole hard disk.

Before you do anything, please look in 'My Computer' and do the following.

1) right click on C:, and choose Properties. Then make a note of the total size of C: and how much is still free.

2) left click on D: and see if there are any files at all in it?

3) do the same for e:

Finally check that you can 'see' your CD drive/s which probably call themselves F: (and G: if you have more than one.)

Then please post back here again with those details of C:, D: and E:

  Diemmess 16:23 31 Dec 2005

Do you know the total size of your new HD? your figures suggest it is rather small

  AndySD 16:26 31 Dec 2005

Yep too slow also.

  PurdyandFloyd 16:31 31 Dec 2005

Dear All

Thanks for replying. The drives currently look like this:

C Total size 2.92GB Free space 195MB
D 3.89 GB/3.64GB
E 5.26GB/3.68GB

Hope this is making sense!

  Diemmess 16:49 31 Dec 2005

C: is to small to allow your operating system (XP)to 'breathe'

Your other drives are already formatted and have quite a lot of data on them, but after 'rearrangement' you have just about enough overall.

Long term, you could benefit from an extra HD, but for the present you need to shuffle and deal with making the best of what you have.

I think XP will do the necessary re-partitioning for you, but experienced member had better decribe the process. If XP won't then there is software which can, but it adds to the expense and opens the way to have to reconsider the best way to have you up and running properly.

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