Hard Drive Codes

  Audeal 14:32 23 Apr 2003

I am about to order a new Hard Drive. I have been looking at the Ebuyer Site and I am a little confused with all the codes being used in the discriptions given. For example what do the following codes that are given mean:




I can find no information about these codes and it would help in deciding which drive to order if I know what I am buying.

Can anybody please give ms some insight into these cades. Many thanks.


  MAJ 14:41 23 Apr 2003

UDMA and ATA, mean the same and are the transfer speeds of the drives, 133 is faster than 100. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and means that all you get is the drive in a plain box, you might get a standard 40 wire IDE cable as well, but to take advantage of the speed of the drives, you'll need an 80-wire IDE cable, you'll, more than likely, have to buy that seperately. IDE is the connection, it's (the drive) connected internally to your motherboard by the 80 (or 40)-wire cable mentioned above. 8mb CACHE means that it has an 8mb buffer where it can store info before being written to the drive.

  Audeal 15:02 23 Apr 2003

Thanks Maj. That is a bit clearer. I need a new drive for use on Video Editing using Adobe Premier 6. For this I do need a fast drive as when testing it on my present drive it tends to drop more frames that it catches. I use a Matrox Marvel G200. This is not compatible with my XP OS so I will be installing win 2000 when I get the new drive and run it from there. Do you think the 8mb cache is usefull or should I avoid this.

  MAJ 18:07 23 Apr 2003

The 8mb cache is useful, Audeal. Also make sure you get a 7200 rpm speed drive, that also will be better for video editing.

  powerless 18:14 23 Apr 2003

8MB Caches are meant to bring ATA, UDMA drives up to (just a little off) SCSI drives.

SCSI Drives are alot faster than ata drives. But with the 8 MB the performance of a ata drive is not far of a SCSI drive.

click here and see if you can find the drive you are thinking of buying and see what they say about it.

  rickf 18:38 23 Apr 2003

Just to add. Make sure you have a fast CPU and lots of memory and space since you are using it mainly for video editing. And oh! a good graphics card preferably with ddr 128mb. Thought I would throw in my 2ps worth.

  Audeal 19:37 23 Apr 2003

From what you all tell me, it would appear that the best buy would be (from the EBuyer site) Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80Gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache ATA133 Hard Drive - OEM. At £68.

My CPU is 1gig and 256 meg of ram.

If you agree with this assumption then this is what I will order.

  MAJ 20:46 23 Apr 2003

Yup that looks like your baby, Audeal.

  Djohn 20:50 23 Apr 2003

Got one myself, perfect! :o)

  Audeal 20:56 23 Apr 2003

Thanks Boys. I am on the site right now and I will order it tonight, but I have decided to go for the 120gig instead of the 80gig. Who knows how many films I will have on the drive at once. As things are I sometimes have several Video tapes waiting to be edited at the same time, so I will go for the bigger one.

Many thanks for all your help. Audeal.

  barrie_g 09:55 24 Apr 2003

for video editing you could also do with ideally with another 256, try doing a ctrl/alt/del when running video and check the performance tab and you'll get an idea of what i mean

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