hard drive clicking & won't boot

  El Cavaliero! 09:13 12 Sep 2003


Just finished building my first PC:followed the instructions & it fired up first time. used hard drive from previous machine with XP Professional on it. Downloaded latest update from Roxio site for easy CD platinum, tried to open file & hard drive started to make a series of rhythmical (!) clicks : a sequence of four and then a short pause. Had a spare hard drive so set this as master, problem drive as slave. Other disc booted fine, went into "my computer" and problem drive was picked up fine and I was able to read data from it ok. Removed 98 drive, set problem drive to master & it just won't boot from it: any ideas anyone? it is a 60 gig maxtor, 7200 rpm IDE drive. many thanks in anticipation of your suggestions.

Richard Temple

  Jester2K II 09:38 12 Sep 2003

File Name: powermax.exe
File Download Size: 928 KB
File Version: 4.06
Revision Date: 06/02/03
Compatible Operating Systems: WindowsNT, WindowsXP, Windows2000, WindowsME, Windows98, Windows95B, OS/2

The PowerMax utility is designed to perform diagnostic read/write verifications on Maxtor and Quantum hard drives. These tests will determine hard drive integrity. The PowerMax utility is effective on all ATA (IDE) hard drives with a capacity greater than or equal to 500 MB. Maxtor recommends the use of this utility for troubleshooting potential hard drive problems. These problems include, but are not limited to the following:

Potential hard drive surface problems (e.g., bad clusters, bad sectors, partitioning/formatting problems, etc.).
Drive recognition problems (e.g. hard drive that is not recognized by the operating system).
Software removal.
Note: PowerMax v4.06 will not detect Ultra ATA hard disks connected to motherboards with embedded NVIDIA chipsets (SATA drives are supported). A new version to address this issue is currently in development and is slated for release soon. Please check the PowerMax download page periodically for updates. All versions of PowerMax prior to 4.06 are no longer supported, it is recommended that you update to version 4.06 before testing your hard disk.

It is recommended to run PowerMax on all Maxtor hard drives prior to warranty replacement.

click here

  Bodi 09:39 12 Sep 2003

make a thorough scan of the problem drive. Had this problem with a Conner drive and had to use a low format facility from Seagate. The drive was OK for a while and then started its tricks (clicks) again. Funnily enough, it is now a slave drive to a 30GB Maxtor and is behaving perfectly (fingers crossed)

Suggest you scan it, fdisk it, and format it and try again. If you are going to use it as master, don't forget to make the primary partition active - don't take offence at this - I forgot to do this and had problems.

Hope this helps


  El Cavaliero! 13:04 12 Sep 2003

thanks for all suggestions to date : wiil try both suggested fixes when I get home from the office.


  El Cavaliero! 12:55 13 Sep 2003

Mis - info earlier:its actually an IBM deskstar. Downloaded a dos-bootable utility from IBM site but it said "disc not ready" so that was a fat lot of use! on closer inspection the clicking sound sounds more like it is writing data to the disc. XP explorer says disc is not formatted (I loaded the spare drive with XP and converted it to the alternative format: problem disc is still FAT32).I don't want to lose any of the data on this drive. Is there such a thing as a flash utility that will reset the drive? Could it be that the heads are not parking and thus can't boot from it. Tried again to boot from it: no luck. Even as slave drive as i speak it comes on intermittantly trying to do something : same series of four with two quiet ones in between! Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  Jester2K II 13:24 13 Sep 2003

Was it this you tried?? Drive Fitness Test (v3.50) - click here

If not try it...

If the drive sits there just clicking away i would suggest the drive is dead. If you can't get access to the data as a Slave drive it does not look very good i'm afraid.

  bda72 08:32 18 Sep 2003

The drive was made in September 2001, does anyone know how long IBM warranties are and if it is under warranty what would they do?

  Jester2K II 08:45 18 Sep 2003

click here

Go down to Warranty and RMA support

  MAJ 09:22 18 Sep 2003

As it's an IBM deathstar drive, I would get seriously worried about losing your data, El Cavaliero!. If you can set it as slave and read the data on it, then get that stuff backed up as soon as possible. It's probably out of warranty so they wont replace it. If you have to buy another drive, stick with Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital, IBM drives are not very reliable.

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