hard drive cheap fix

  reclaimjack 16:32 30 Nov 2005

hi... i got a pc and the hard drive is slowly dying it stays on till it cant take no more... then i just leave it off for a few hours then once it's cool again it runs for a good few hours dispite the noise it makes ... however i have decided to get a new hard drive and i want some software that will copy the whole drive to a new drive (winows an all) i also want this for free as i got a new/2nd hand drive for a fiver cheers in advance

  woodchip 16:36 30 Nov 2005

How do you know it's the drive that's the problem? It may be the CPU Fan failing to keep the CPU cool. Try the Computer with side off the box, check the fan give it a good clean. Make sure it is turning at full speed

  pj123 16:54 30 Nov 2005

Even if it is the hard drive that is failing, what operating system do you have. What is the size of your hard drive? What is the size of the "new/2nd hand drive" that you have now?

Free programs to "clone" a hard drive can be downloaded from click here or click here which will work with Windows XP.

Obviously, if your existing hard drive has problems and you clone it to another hard drive you will still have the same problem.

  reclaimjack 19:15 30 Nov 2005

its the drive i can hold it and feel hit seeze up and it rattles like a blender. the only reason i got to copy it over is i cant find the xp pro key or i would just reinstall xp it lasts a good few hours so i can copy it over all i need is the software

  reclaimjack 19:17 30 Nov 2005

sorry pj :- xp pro 40 gig old/ new 80 gig...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:06 30 Nov 2005

Maxblast 4 for windows from the maxtor site will do it if one of the drives is a maxtor.

  User-312386 23:25 30 Nov 2005

if you click here this will give you your serial key

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