Hard Drive Capacity Limitation?

  CDH 15:41 13 Sep 2004

I want to replace my old 10GB master hard drive with a larger capacity one. I already have a secondary 60GB installed. Is there a limitation on the capacity of drive I can install?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:44 13 Sep 2004

depends whether you have sp1 are you on XP

  CDH 15:48 13 Sep 2004

OS is Windows 2k

  ZEROTOLERANCE 16:44 13 Sep 2004

not sure about win2000k

but on XP you must have the service pack SP1 or windows will only allow you to have upto 137gb total even if you had 4 drives,

somebody here will be better able to advise,
sorry cant be more help

could somone more knowledgable than me advise CDH please


  cga 17:01 13 Sep 2004

1) Mobo / BIOS. Older systems do not nativly support very large drives. Manufactures LBA software gets around some of these.

2) XP/SP1 gets round the 137Gb limit in the software.

3) Formatting. Very large logical disks need to be formatted as NTFS.

If your Mobo currently support 60Gb I would not expect you having a problem up to 120Gb but please wait for a 2nd confirmation of that.

  Jeffers22 19:41 13 Sep 2004

"Formatting. Very large logical disks need to be formatted as NTFS"

Why is that? Please explain.

  rawprawn 07:51 14 Sep 2004

I received an email from you this morning via PCA, it has obviously come to the wrong person as you can see I haven't posted to this thread. Whether it has been misdirected by PCA, or an error on your part I don't know. Sorry I can't help except to say that there are two forms of frmatting HD's FAT & NTFS,NTFS is much more reliable and safer. Perhaps cga will come back to you on this.

  temp003 08:38 14 Sep 2004

Agree with cga.

If you are not buying a hdd larger than 137GB (hdd manufacturer's size), then your current system should be able to recognise the new hdd properly (both BIOS and operating system), given that you are already using a 60GB hdd, as cga says.

If you are considering hdd larger than 137GB, you will need to check that your BIOS supports 48-bit LBA (just LBA is not enough). If it doesn't, you'll need to check whether there is a BIOS update which gives that extra support. As to the OS, w2k with SP3 or SP4 supports disks larger than 137GB.

If not sure, stick to a hdd below the 137GB limit.


w2k and XP cannot format partitions larger than 32GB (Windows size) with the FAT32 file system. It's just a limitation built into the OS's by Microsoft. These OS's can however read and write to FAT32 partitions larger than 32GB (formatted in other ways, such as using a 98 boot floppy). But FAT32 partitions larger than 32GB are supposed to slow down hard disk performance. But since CDH is using w2k, he/she will probably be using NTFS anyway.

  jack 09:20 14 Sep 2004

How does this limitation stand with External drives?
I have recently got my self a 200 GByte[186 actual] Runs fine on XP SP1

Might externalizing be an answer?

  CDH 09:26 14 Sep 2004

Thanks to all for their input.

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