Hard DRive Capacity

  zipman 20:01 27 Oct 2004

I have just installed a new 200gb Seagate Hard Drive, It is only showing 127gb capacity, is this correct, or have i done some thing wrong ?

  keith-236785 20:18 27 Oct 2004

i dont think you have done anything wrong, windows prior to SP2 only supports upto 134gig (i think), with formatting it is possible it will only show as 127gig

could you give a little more info about windows version/jumper settings on the hard drive.

next time you reboot, take a look what size the bios reports the disk as, if its 200gig then its a windows problem, if its only 127 gig then its a motherboard problem and you might need to flash the bios (though i dont advise this unless all else fails, one corrupt file and you could have a dead pc)

  zipman 20:30 27 Oct 2004

I have installed SP2, and running Windows XP Home, i have also set my old 60gb drive as a slave, this is showing 55.9 capacity.

  zipman 20:51 27 Oct 2004

I have found that 58.32gb is unallocated, in disk management.

  Charence 20:56 27 Oct 2004

127GB showing for 200GB isn't right. Check that your computer supports it. Check BIOS, OS. Also go to CONTROL PANEL > PERFORMANCE & MAINTENANCE > ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS > COMPUTER MANAGEMENT > DISK MANAGEMENT check that you've partitioned the WHOLE drive.

55.9GB showing for 60GB sounds about right for me. The manufacturers convert the size by assuming 1GB = 1000MB which is not correct, your HDD will have a capacity of around 60,000,000,000 bytes but that is actually around 55.9GB because 1GB = 1024MB.


  Charence 20:56 27 Oct 2004

oh sorry...I didn't see you last post.

  Charence 21:04 27 Oct 2004

Your HDD is 185.32GB which is correct because for a 200GB HDD you'd expect the actual value to be 25GB less, considering what I said in the post before about the 60GB hard drive.


  zipman 21:10 27 Oct 2004

Now i have found out where the space is, what can i do to format it, and use it ?

  keith-236785 21:11 27 Oct 2004

if you can, using disk management in xp allocate the unused space as a seperate partition (right click on the unallocated space and choose format or create logical drive). i dont have any unallocated space so cant tell exactly but i do have the option to delete logical drive so i would assume that you might have the option to create a logical drive.

this would become drive D: if you havent already partitioned the 127gig

once allocated, format through windows or disk management and all should be ok.

  zipman 21:29 27 Oct 2004

It does not give me the option to format or create logical drive.

  keith-236785 21:58 27 Oct 2004

in that case, you should use fdisk from a windows98se startup disk

at the menu, choose option 2 "start without cdrom support"

then when you get the prompt A:> type

fdisk +press enter

once loaded, choose option 1, create partition

then option 2 (i think its 2) for create logical drive

let it check the disk and when it asks, let it assign all unused space

once finished, keep pressing esc to exit fdisk

then remove floppy disk and reboot pc

when windows has loaded, you should see the new drive but it will still need formatting.

if you dont have a win98 startup disk, click here and download a win98SE startup disk, when downloaded insert a blank floppy and double click the file you have downloaded.

good luck, just take care in fdisk because it is possible to erase your main drive if you arent careful.

any problems or questions, you know where to come

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