Hard Drive can't be found after been detected

  Muslimat79 13:24 07 Apr 2003

Hi everyone,
I just connected my new 120GB hard drive and everything worked ok. The system detected it. The problem now is when I opened the My Computer to explore the folders and drives, I couldn't find the new 120GB. I'm wondering what could have happened. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP

  Legolas 13:36 07 Apr 2003

This is for a second drive but it might be useful to go through the steps for your HDD click here

  Flying Teddy 14:59 07 Apr 2003

Have you created a partition on the HDD? Use fdisk.

  BRYNIT 15:04 07 Apr 2003

Silly question but have you formated the hard drive

  cream. 16:01 07 Apr 2003

It would be help full if you can tell us if this is the only drive or a slave drive. Also what operating system you are using.

From your post I would guess a slave on X\P, if so.

Go to start and right click my computer. Pick manage and then disk management. Your new drive should then be in the right hand pane. Make sure you pick the right one and right click it. You will then get at the commands you want. eg format, partition etc.

If it is not a slave on X\P then disregard the above.

  Diemmess 18:03 07 Apr 2003

Flying Teddy has the right idea........Until you have formatted a new HD Windows cannot even tell that there is no data (yet).

120Gb is huge, and there are lots of reasons why you might partition it at the beginning into smaller chunks.

When that is done you can format the HD, and if you decided to keep it as one "drive"then you will have time to go and do something entirely different while 120Gb is formatted.

  flecc 19:43 07 Apr 2003

For information on fdisc and partitioning you can use this link:-

click here

  Muslimat79 20:34 07 Apr 2003

it's a new drive and not been formatted at all.

  Muslimat79 20:36 07 Apr 2003

The hard disk is the second hard disk and the slave one. Please help. I need this drive to store my video and other files.

  cream. 22:27 07 Apr 2003

Are you running win 98 \ ME. Can you see the drive in my computer?

If yes then right click the drive and pick format. It will warn you that this is a removable disk, just go ahead. You will then be promted to scandisk it, do it. You should then have a workable slave drive.

Exceptions are for X\P above or that the bios will not recognize such a large drive. BUT as you stated above as the system detected it.

  woodchip 22:40 07 Apr 2003

Get Partition Magic and set the drive up with that it will Partition and format as "you like it." in dos

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