Hard Drive + Cables 250Gb Continued

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 19:15 11 Jun 2004

Ok guys the story so far i have recieve my new 250GB hard drive my bios recognises it as a primary and a slaveall ok so far, XP doesnt recognise it in my computer settings but does if you go to control panel system then device manager any ideas below previous posting

P.s. how do you turn below in to the words CLICK HERE
click here

  bremner 19:19 11 Jun 2004

You need to go to right click on My Computer and choose 'Manage' then Disk management.

You will see the drive in the list. Right click on the left hand box and choose 'initialize'. When this is done right click on the right hand side and choose 'New partition'. When you have done this right click again and choose 'Format'

  Night Ryder 19:37 11 Jun 2004

Agree with bremner.
Right click on the My computer icon, select manage then disk managment. The system will recognise that there is a new unformatted drive present and ask what you want to do with it.
No operating system can recognise a drive that hasn't at least been partitioned.

  keith-236785 19:58 11 Jun 2004

Night Ryder, i agree with what you put except for the "No OS will recognise an unpartitioned drive", sorry but Linux will. not only will it recognise it but it will also partition it for you during installation.

in the process of doing will let you know cheers guys

  woodchip 20:04 11 Jun 2004

Sorry to correct you but Win98se does aee the Drives a slaves without partition, and all you need to do in Win98se is open Explorer right click the drive a choose format just like a floppy disc. That's all there is to it in 98se

  bremner 20:24 11 Jun 2004

woodchip are you sure?

I have just tried what you have said and the drive is not seen in Explorer - and I do not know how it could be as it does not contain an active partition.

Even in XP it is not seen in Explorer until it is Partitioned and formatted.

  woodchip 20:40 11 Jun 2004

Done it lot's of times on different computers

  woodchip 20:41 11 Jun 2004

It does not work liker that though with XP. It's different ball game

  bremner 20:49 11 Jun 2004

Are you saying you have taken a new unpartioned, unformatted hard drive and that Windows 98Se sees it in Explorer and you can choose 'Format'.

If so when and how is it partitioned?

  woodchip 20:55 11 Jun 2004

Yes as I have said before just right click and choose format

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