Hard drive Beeps?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 27 Jan 2008

Am running a Seagate U Series 5 10G drive ST310211A
(rescued from an old PC)
as an external drive using an R-Driver II USB2 cable click here.

Got some Audio books on the drive and while listening last night on 2 occasions got some beeps from the drive and interuption of data.

I have never heard a hard drive give beeps before, anyone else heard a hard drive beep?

  shauny36 15:56 27 Jan 2008

have you got any software to check for bad sectors, or it could be developing a nasty hardware fault. Something inside the mechanism - the stepper motor or head bearings - is beginning to stick.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 27 Jan 2008

Its an old drive probably about 10 years old and I realise it could fail at any time.

The data on it is not a problem (MP3 files ripped from original Audio Book CDs owned by my father)

No speacialist software for HDD checking was running and as far as I know S.M.A.R.T. does not work through a USB cable.

  MAT ALAN 16:15 27 Jan 2008

I think its an audible notification from the PCB that your HDD is dying Fruit Bat /\0/\ any data that needs saving i would do it ASAP...

if its not a beep its a squeak from the stepper motor or head bearing which basically amounts to the same thing NEW HDD...


  DieSse 16:23 27 Jan 2008

"I have never heard a hard drive give beeps before, anyone else heard a hard drive beep?"

Nor me - and as I'm sure you know they don't have sounders in the drives (I suppose it's just possible there may be one in an external USB housing - never seen one though).

So - it's either the PC beeping, or it's a mechanical noise and not a "beep".

Hard drives when they mis-seek (ie end up on the wrong cylinder) normally do a restore - that is, they put the heads back to cylinder 0 and have another go. This tends to make more of a clicking noise - but certainly would interrupt data transfer for a noticeable amount of time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 27 Jan 2008

Definate Beep, not head clatter or motor squeak, heard enough failed drives in may time repairing other peoples PCs (thats where this drive came from a scrap Imedia PC).

Sounds like the beep from my mobile when I receive a message :0)

Don't get any beeps from my Medion PC even when booting.

That's why was asking if anyone else ever heard a HDD beep, its a new one on me.

  DieSse 17:08 27 Jan 2008

I see it's not a case, but rather a cable/adapter - perhaps it's that? It looks just about big enough to have a sounder in it.

"Listen very carefully, I shall beep this only once"


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 27 Jan 2008

Must be, but nothing in the paperwork, just how to install a driver for win98.

  MAT ALAN 17:25 27 Jan 2008

During a power-off condition, if the drive actuator has just completed a retract to the inner latch, some drives emit an audible beep at approximately 1.5 kHz. This occurrence has no effect on drive reliability or performance.

click here

text taken from link...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 27 Jan 2008

Santos Mat ;0)

On reading your link I think my drive is a little old for the enhancement but you may have provided the answer :0)

  shauny36 20:40 27 Jan 2008

fruit bat

have got some software to check and repair bad sectors.
pm me if interseted.

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