Hard Drive - Bad Sectors

  sebiven 14:53 05 Jan 2009

Today I had a laptop back from repair - a new dc socket fitted - and with it came a report which says that "I should be concerned about the Hard Drive which is showing signs of imminent failure".

News to me! Every so often say 2 times out of 10 when I switch the laptop on I get the blue disk checking screen which I allow to run it's course then everything starts up OK.The drive is Fat32 by the way.

On the back of the report I ran chdsk which tells me that I have 32kb in bad sectors so I ran Windows Error Checking utility asking it to "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"

When that had finished I re-ran chdsk which still shows the 32kb in bad sectors.

Should I be concerned?

  DieSse 15:15 05 Jan 2009

Yes - bad sectors are normally an indication that there may be a problem on the drive which will worsen.

It could go on working for a long time - but it could develop more bad sectors quickly. The safe answer is to backup and replace it.

  Pamy 15:16 05 Jan 2009

It;s not a lot but if it gets worse you will have to replace the disk. Usually windows marks the bad sectors and puts data somewhere else. I would consider making backups if you do not already do so and think about getting a new HDD

  sebiven 18:52 06 Jan 2009

Thanks DieSse and Pamy.

Just to update.I downloaded a trial version of HDD Regenerator from - click here.

The trial version scans your Hard Drive,reports,and repairs one bad sector[if repair is possible].

The scan found NO bad sectors.Ran chdsk and there it was as before "32kb in bad sectors".

I am at a loss as to what is going on but following your advice have sourced a replacement drive locally and will keep an eye on things.

Thanks again.I'll tick this.

  woodchip 18:59 06 Jan 2009

You are better using Windows, as it does the best lob in most cases and as above it marks out bad so that dat is not written to these bad blocks. I suggest you just keep an eye on the drive check it once a week. If its not been shut down correctly or had any knocks this will cause head crashes hence bad blocks

  sebiven 20:05 06 Jan 2009

Thanks woodchip.Will do!

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