Hard drive "bad sectors"

  gasman1 20:24 28 Sep 2003

I hooked up an old hard drive to my present system, just to reformat the drive ready to sell on. Now my existing drive wont boot up without a warning that my drive may have bad sectors and needs to run scan disk.
I left it running a complete scan over night only for message to come back when computer is switched back on.
I can exit scandisk and the computer runs normal.
any ideas anyone???

  graham√ 20:33 28 Sep 2003

Joe, this normally happens after an abnormal shut-down. What O/S, please?

  woodchip 20:39 28 Sep 2003

It's windows getting mixed up when you put the other drive in, ignore it.

  graham√ 08:37 29 Sep 2003

E-mail received :

'there is something strange goin on because I remember I changed the hard drive last year after I started getting the 'bad sector' reports. Now I put the old drive in my present set up to reformat it and when its removed and my present hard drive is hooked back up I ghet the 'bad sector' messages.
I am pretty sure now that there is nothing wrong with either of the drives, but how do I tell the computer this ???'

gasman1, please use the 'Add a new response' facility underneath, so everyone can see.

What is your operating system, XP, 98, etc?

  gasman1 20:09 29 Sep 2003

Its win 98se I changed the original drive because it was reporting 'bad sectors' I know the hard drive is ok I just need a solution to stop it automatically trying to run scandisk and full hard drive check every boot up....

  graham√ 20:25 29 Sep 2003

The only thing I can think of is to re-instal Win 98. If you don't mind losing all your data, a format would give you a clean slate.

Any other suggestions, folks?

  gasman1 20:38 29 Sep 2003

I dont mind the reformat route, I just would like to know how to stop the message in the first instance..

  powerless 20:42 29 Sep 2003

A reformat would do it.

However click here

  powerless 20:49 29 Sep 2003

This one > click here

  graham√ 21:06 29 Sep 2003

Powerless, the first link applies :-)

  gasman1 21:08 29 Sep 2003

thanks powerless, tried the download still get silly message.
I will try the reformat , needs tidying anyway

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