Hard drive back up

  Mr Finny 20:15 09 Mar 2004

Four months ago I had a hard drive failure and yes lost everything. The hard drive was under manufacturers warrantee and has just been returned to me fully repaired. In the interim I got a another hard drive which currently has Windows XP and all my stuff on.

My question is this. I now have 2 hard drives. I would like to keep all my stuff on my current hard drive, but use my recently repaired hard drive as a simultaneous back-up, so that if one were to die again, I don't lose everything. My IDE cable has 2 ports available and I have sufficient room to install a second hard drive in my computer - but I do not know the best way to set up.

Any useful information gratefully received.

  spanneress 20:33 09 Mar 2004

Has the 2nd HDD got an OS on? If so, set the jumpers to make it a slave and set all back-up data to go to that drive, alternatively, save all your data on it then if your OS crashes (on HDD1) again you will not lose your data.
If you don't have an OS on it, set it as a slave and format it using explorer on 1st HDD, right click on the 2nd drive etc etc. Then set the 1st HDD as slave (or disconnect) and the 2nd as master and install an OS...if you are not using it to run programs from, stick a different OS on it to XP as unless you have XP Pro, you will have used up your 2 liscensing options. Personally I would stick 2K Pro but if you don't have that use 98.
There may well be easier or different ways which the guru's may inform you about but I find that about the easiest...guess you could image your 1st HDD....

  GaT7 20:49 09 Mar 2004

The general consensus is to put the OS on the faster drive, data on other. Connect the main drive (master) to the other (as slave) [as against connectimg each one to the optical drives].

Look at these threads too for ideas:

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For backing up & related issues check out this rather helpful website: click here

  Sheila-214876 21:31 09 Mar 2004

You haven't said what size these hard drives are? But if your newly repaired drive is the same or bigger size than your current drive I would download a copy of xxclone from click here and copy your current drives contents on to the repaired drive (you would need to fdisk, partition and format this drive and set it up as a slave first). Then if anything goes wrong again all you need to do is make the slave a master and the other a slave and reboot. Now reformat the slave and do the xxclone again from master to slave. (Does that make sense? 'cos I know what I mean)

  woodchip 21:47 09 Mar 2004

Before you condemn the Hard Drive How did you copy the other disc to the new one

  woodchip 21:48 09 Mar 2004

Sorry wrong thread

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