Hard Drive advice required

  AdvisorAl 11:48 22 May 2005

Hi I am thinking of buying a second Hard Drive for my Desktop as I wish to start doing a bit of DVD editing. The 2 drives I was thinking of buying were either the Maxtor 120 GB or a Western Digital 120 GB. Both IDE I have read an earlier thread on the Maxtor drive in which it is said the Maxtor can be quite noisy and there is mention of the Maxtor being an ATA133 and the Western Digital being an ATA100. Can someone explain the difference between an ATA 133 and ATA100 please and any preference between the Maxtor Drive and the Western Digital Drive would be appreciated regards Al

  Stuartli 11:54 22 May 2005

My 60GB Western Digital Caviar SE with 8MB cache is very quiet and, being the version ending with JB, comes with a three-year warranty.

You can buy WD (and other brands) from dabs, Scan etc at very low prices in OEM form.

  bremner 11:57 22 May 2005

The 100Mbps and 133Mbps relate to the maximum tranfer speed of the drive. SATA is currently 150 and 300.

I have used Maxtors by the bucket full and find them reliable until they get above 160GB when heat seems to become an issue.

  AdvisorAl 12:06 22 May 2005

Thanks Stuartli and bremner for your replies that’s explained the difference between an ATA 133 and an ATA100 as my Motherboard only as IDE connections I am not sure if a SATA drive would connect.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 22 May 2005

Some machines have problems running drives over 132G, therefore In my 5year old PC I have 2 120G maxtors 7200Rpm 8M cache, never really notice the noise.

New PC has 2 160G SATA western digital noise levels pretty simular.

You will need a PCI SATA cotroller board to run sata in your machine.

  Eric10 12:19 22 May 2005

I have used several of both Maxtor and Western Digital Hard Drives with no problems. Maxtor Fireball, DiamondMax ATA and DiamondMax Plus ATA drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 3 years. (Quoted from their website.) I think that only the high end Western Digital drives have 3 years, their mainstream drives have 1 year unless you pay extra for an extended warranty. Another important point to look at when buying a hard drive is the size of the buffer, which for a 120GB hard drive can be either 2MB or 8MB with 8MB obviously giving better performance.

  AdvisorAl 12:40 22 May 2005

All good info many thanks

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