Hard Drive Activity ??

  roygbiv 12:20 30 Dec 2006

What is happening when the Hard Drive, light, is flashing, nothing on the screen.
Task manager dosent show anything working, only the number for the CPU shows (around) 2-40% activity??

Don’t know if its relevant. Last few months we have had ,a few (different) times when on webpages (any), the computer stops responding. After closing all the pages (or some times restarting the PC) its fine???

Just realised that AVG is scanning, it dosent say its scanning, unless you look hard at the icon, in the task bar. On the other hand, this activity happens at anytime???

  Forum Editor 12:40 30 Dec 2006

haven't you?

If an anti-virus scan is in progress you'll see hard drive activity as the scanner runs through the file system.

  roygbiv 13:12 05 Jan 2007

It has been noticed, that, even if I pause the AVG scan, the hard drive is still working.

It slows down the operation of the computer, and sometimes freezes it up!!

Since the free change to AVG it seems that the scan goes everyday for up to 4 hours?? (80gb HHD quater full)

Can I safely, and HOW, change the fequency of these scans?

  freaky 19:05 05 Jan 2007

AVG free edition only scans the HD at the users request, not automatically.

  brundle 19:08 05 Jan 2007

AVG scans once a day by default, the paid for version has more flexible scheduling. (It's Avast that only scans at a user's request if you are referring to free AV products.)

click here

Read the 2nd post

  Jackcoms 19:13 05 Jan 2007

"It's Avast that only scans at a user's request"

True. But you can schedule scans using Task Scheduler.

  ed-0 19:27 05 Jan 2007

One of XP's features, when first released, was to cut down on the fragmentation of files on the hard disk. To de-frag in the background.

When the computer is idle, windows can scan the hard drive and start to re-arrange the files. This could be the source of some of your hard drive activity.

Thats why most hard drives need little or no work when you defrag them.

Stop Idle Disk Thrashing from click here

  freaky 19:40 05 Jan 2007

Well I have AVG free 7.5, and it only scans when I request it.

The Link supplied BRUNDLE above refers to Windows Vista not XP.

  brundle 19:44 05 Jan 2007

The actions of AVG Free roygbiv posted about are the same regardless of what version of Windows it's installed on, I didn't think it needed pointing out.

  freaky 20:24 05 Jan 2007

My mistake.... strange as my wife says I'm perfect !

Just checked the AFG scan schedule and it was set to scan at 8am and the PC is off then, have now changed the time.

  roygbiv 11:29 06 Jan 2007

This HDD activity is getting worse.

It slows or stops the PC reacting, internet pages take a few minutes to come up, task-bar wont even show up at these times, have to push the power button to try again, although the process will show up again and again.

the HDD is NOW working (churning away for about 6 hours!!!)

reply might be a bit slow, as going away for a week.....Alan

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