Hard drive - "Access Denied" message

  Happy37 07:49 03 Jul 2007

Hi all

I am in the process of trying to help a friend who has given me a hard drive so that I can try to access it to copy/move some of his important files on to another HDD, USB key etc.

After this is done, I will either give it back to him so that he can format it and then put Windows back on there and so on?

However, here is the problem: -

The drive itself has 15GB of data that I want to try and copy; I have tried to use it as a slave device in a PC as well as in an external HDD case.

Windows is also installed on there as well because there is a Windows folder on the HDD with all of the files, folders and updates that Windows has and needs.

When I try to move one of the folders that he wants to me to save for him, I get the message: -

"Cannot move or copy ********"

"Access is denied"..... and .....

"Cannot copy or move ntuser.dat"

"Make sure that the disc is not copy protected or not in use" (or something along these lines.)

How can I or do I go about getting access to the folders/files that I want to copy/move?

Is it a rights/permissions issue? - how can this be fixed?

Please let me know - all responses gratefully received.



  Technotiger 08:23 03 Jul 2007

Hi, this might work, not guaranteed but worth a try ... simply run CCleaner click here in its default settings, i.e just run it as it opens, don't change any settings.

  Technotiger 08:58 03 Jul 2007

Agreed, as a rule - your link is more likely to solve it, but CC will sort any reg entries that might cause linked problems. As I said, not guaranteed but worth a try, certainly won't do any harm.

  Happy37 09:03 03 Jul 2007


Thanks for the link - I will try this out and report back to let you all know how it goes.....



  dunc1234 13:03 03 Jul 2007

the problem is that your mate has put a password on the logon, so now when you connect the harddrive up as a slave to access his files to copy them, the access denied message comes up.

i had nightmares trying to sort this out but eventually found a solution or 2.

the first is obvious where you put the harddrive back in the computer, start it up and remove the password, if the pc is a non starter this ain't gonig to work.

next is to use a password cracker disk to "blank" the password, this may allow access but not tried it myself.

the last one which i managed to use successfully is a linux suse knoppix cd on the setup you have got of your mates harddrive set as a slave, boot up knppix from the cd and drag and drop the files from his drive onto yours (or protable usb drive).

You may have to change the read write permissions



  Happy37 13:04 09 Jul 2007

Hi all

Just popping back to let you all know...especially ßeta that your link worked and I have managed to save all of the data and have given the drive back to my friend.

Thanks once again for all of your help - it's much appreciated.

Keep up the good work.



  Andy1991 16:16 09 Jul 2007

restart in safe mode, right click the drive, and select properties, then go to the Security tab. Add your own user to the list by selecting add, then typing ur username, then select check names.
The OK. And tick full control in th elist referencing to ur user. You may wish to go to advanced, thjen go to owner, and take ownership before you do this.

  Andy1991 16:17 09 Jul 2007

u may wish to tick this as solved if u already have solved it before.

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