hard drive about to go?

  Rubyiat 20:39 24 Jun 2004

Three year old system and yesterday would not boot up, two beeps at "detecting IDE drives" and then 2 beeps at "verifying DMI Pool data". System boot failure but using ME restore disk "No hard disk!".No red light. Evesham had me in the BIOS and then taking the cover off and connections checked. All worked fine all evening and then tonight same problem - now working without cover on and dare not switch off to put cover back on! Evesham think need new Hard drive. Seems a bit drastic to me - could there be other explainations. Can hard drives just go gradually or would they be either working or not? Monitor and graphics card replaced last week so at this rate will have a new computer soon.

  QuickHare 20:54 24 Jun 2004

for a three year old system, I doubt it's the harddrive, but cannot rule it out. I'm more swayed towards the CMOS battery. Have you made sure it's in right, or can you pop it out and use a battery tester on it?

If the battery goes, so do the settings in the CMOS. Each start up the computer has means you'd have to set the hard drive settings from scratch. While the power is on, however, the CMOS does not use the battery, saving it's life a bit.

Try suggesting that to Evesham. If this is not the fault, then I would be more inclined to think hard drive failure. A loose wire you can't get to, or a damaged component. If the computer hasn't been moved or hurt in three years, this can only be caused by either heat or old age. Or dust.

Anything can go gradually or just switch off. Gradually would be power fading or errors start to be made. What you're experiencing seems to be a complete lack of usage.

I might be rambling and missing the point. If anyone can spot anything worthwhile in this post, please point it out. Pronto. :)

  zanwalk 21:04 24 Jun 2004

Sounds very much like hard drive failure to me, first thing is to back up all important data including email, internet settings, etc.

I hope I'm wrong!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:06 24 Jun 2004

In BIOS can you select S.M.A.R.T. for your hard drives this will give you some indication of their state.

Device manager will tell you what type of drive you have. Go on manufacturers website they have tools to download for checking the drives

  Rubyiat 21:22 24 Jun 2004

I would like to check out the battery - but this is the first time I've had the cover off. There is a flat battery (10p size) on the board at the back, only one I can see. Is it safe to take it out while the computer is on? Assume cant be electrocuted but can you cause damage by touching any parts? Can then take it to local shop for testing so would just leave computer on.

Will be trying the SMART in the BIOS

  Rubyiat 21:43 24 Jun 2004

Just looked in Device Manager - Generic IDE Disk type 47. Presume that's some sort of "own label" that Evesham have got so no help there.Anywhere else to look?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 24 Jun 2004

CMOS battery will not be dead in a three year old system. Mine's 5+1/2 and still going strong.

Do not remove unless switched off

  Rubyiat 21:49 24 Jun 2004

In Device Manager saya "Generic IDE Disk type 47". assume this is "own label" from Evesham therefore of no help unless you have any other ideas.

  Rubyiat 22:17 24 Jun 2004

have found out more about replacing battery - so wont be doing it while the power is on! Will leave computer on overnight and make suggestions to Evesham. Have backed up all files as instructed.
Many thanks to all.

  woodchip 22:24 24 Jun 2004

Not battery, and Generic IDE Disk type 47 is nothing to do with what make the disc is. My guess is Memory fault if you have two stick’s, remove one at a time and try comp, the memory should be in slot 1 or 0

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 24 Jun 2004

click here for explanations of beep codes.

Award BIOS 2 beeps equals memory parity failure (thanks woodchip for the reminder)

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