hard drive

  stiifneck 22:27 06 May 2003

will the speed of a hard drive be influenced by the speed of processor ie 66mhz cpu and a 72000spd hard drive will a a slower hd run fast on a 100mhz cpu and why

  Wrinkles 22:48 06 May 2003

Without the technical stuff I would assume that a 72000 will always run at the same speed. however a 66Mhz Cpu will not be able to access the data at the same speed as a 100mhz. ie the faster the processor the faster it will process the information.
There are other factors involved but I think you will find that basis correct

  Legolas 23:26 06 May 2003

Wrinkles is right a 7200rpm speed will enable the HDD to be read/written to at a reasonable speed but the speed of the processor will be influential in how fast that data is made available to the user. The speed of the processor will not affect the speed of the HDD but it will affect the speed at which the data is delivered to the system peripherials, so the HDD will access the data at more or less a constand speed but the required data will take a longer or shorter time to become available depending on a number of factors including the processor speed.

  woodchip 23:31 06 May 2003

CPU can work faster than Hard Drive so the faster the drive the faster it should go to a point

66 and 100 mhz cpu's are both old pieces of equipment probably sitting on a motherboard with a chipset that cannot handle UDMA66 0r UDMA100 data transfers which a new 7200 rpm will be capable of so the hard drive will have to work much slower than its potential.

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