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  jezzabevan 15:45 30 Jul 2006

On my Acer Aspire 3000 series notebook the hard drive is split into 2 (C and D) everything automtically downloads to C which now means that it is very full and i often get messages that my computer is low on mem despite there being 10GB still free in D.
Is it possible to combine the 2 drives so i just have a D drive for all the memory??
I do download some things to D but would rather to just have 1.
Hope someone can help

  FelixTCat 15:48 30 Jul 2006


Being low on mem and running out of hard disk space are quite different. If you hover the mouse over the drive icon (in XP) it will tell you the free space available.

Being low on mem may mean that you have too many programs running at once.



  jezzabevan 15:50 30 Jul 2006

Oh ok,
Is it still possible to combine the drives as the C drive is very low on space and i would rather just have 1 drive as oppose to the 2

  phono 15:58 30 Jul 2006

Is the warning about low memory, low Virtual Memory, or low system memory?

It is possible, with the correct software, to merge partitions but you would need to make sure that the D drive does not contain a system recovery image before you do a merge, if it does you would need to obtain system recovery CD-ROMs or have some way of saving the recovery image to another drive or CD-ROM and also be sure that it would work if you had to do a reinstall of the system.

  phono 16:01 30 Jul 2006

This was taken from the Acer website:

"All laptops come with either full restore disks or a restore partition, Power Adaptor and leads"

You would need to be careful as the D drive may be a restore partition, check out Acer support.

  jezzabevan 16:14 30 Jul 2006

I have all the restore discs, i presume that D must be a restore partition though it has no restore data in it.

  jezzabevan 16:22 30 Jul 2006

How much would it cost to add more GBs to my hard drive or get a new hard drive installed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 30 Jul 2006

To merge the two partitions without formatting and starting from fresh, you are going to need something like Partion Magic.
Although there is still a chance you could lose all your data.

  jezzabevan 16:26 30 Jul 2006

Cheers Fruit Bat but it doesn't sound like is worth it as i really don't want to lose all my data!!

  phono 16:37 30 Jul 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/\ is totally correct, it can be done but no firm guarantees.

"How much would it cost to add more GBs to my hard drive or get a new hard drive installed?"

One way to install a new HD without losing your data would require attaching a new HD to the laptop using an external drive caddy and using the correct software clone your C drive to the external one, you would then have to switch off and remove the original HD from the laptop and replace it with the new one just cloned and then rebooting to see if all was well.

If the laptop boots up okay and is working, place your original HD in the now empty caddy, attach to the laptop and copy across to your now larger C drive anything that you want from the old D drive, when this is completed you could then repartition the old disk into one and format it and you could then use it as external storage or for backups.

You would also need to check the maximum HD size that is supported by the BIOS and do not exceed this.

  jezzabevan 16:40 30 Jul 2006

Thats brilliant cheers Phono
Really appreciate all your help

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