hard disks

  n4165si 14:31 26 Feb 2007

just a quick question, i have two hard disks C and F i would like to know when you boot up ,do both disks start spinning ,or is it when you select either only?

  Technotiger 14:32 26 Feb 2007

Hi, both will spin.

  n4165si 14:44 26 Feb 2007

thanks Technotiger,
so presumably it will wear out with the C drive as i will probably never get round to using it .iv'e always wondered about this.

  Technotiger 14:50 26 Feb 2007

Yeah, but they don't wear out too much just on normal spin-up. It is when they are busy with the 'arm' swooping forward and backwards, especially if they are not kept de-fragged, they have to work harder then just to read the data.

  Technotiger 14:51 26 Feb 2007

I would have thought that you would use the 2nd drive for your back-ups - you do do back-ups don't you?

  Pamy 14:54 26 Feb 2007

"as i will probably never get round to using it"

You could always remove the power from it and save it for a rainy day,so to speak

  n4165si 14:55 26 Feb 2007

yes i do do backups ,i will also take note of the need to defrag. thanks

  n4165si 14:59 26 Feb 2007

would taking the connector from it do,or is going to affect something else?

  Technotiger 15:02 26 Feb 2007

I keep my hard-drives all fully defragged automatically using iObot Smartdefrag, it is excellent, set it up and it runs quietly in the background. It is free at ...

click here

  Pamy 15:04 26 Feb 2007

I was not talking too seriously, but you could remove the power plug only with computer off from the mains supply, then on boot up it would not be found and you would only have the one disk(C:) Nothing else should be affected.

  n4165si 15:07 26 Feb 2007

i already use their Advanced windows care v2,i'll add that to it.thanks

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