Hard Disk upgrade from 20gb to 40gb

  Tull 22:31 04 Jun 2004

After reading an article in Spring 2004 PC Advisor on upgrading your hard disk, I decided to have a go. After all the article finally said "adding or replacing a hard drive was one of the easiest upgrades". Huh! I purchased a new Samsung 40 GB HDD to replace the 20 GB HDD in my Packard Bell iconnect. The Cmos auto detected the new slave 40 GB drive, but there doesn't appear to be any new drives in my computer just the existing 'C' drive. To add insult to injury the Drive Image 2002 software I've installed to copy the old drive to the new drive won't open, giving the message "Driveimage9x has caused an error in DRIVEIMAGE.EXE. Driveimage9x will now close, try rebooting" which I have done with little success. Is there any solution to my problems?

  Totally-braindead 22:43 04 Jun 2004

You have to format the drive first before windows can read it, you don't mention what version of windows your using it would help if you could post back with details of that, regarding the Drive image prob its possible its not working cos it too can't use the drive till its formatted. Can I ask if you bought an OEM drive or the retail version, what I mean to ask is did you get any software with the drive?

  Tull 20:09 05 Jun 2004

Thankyou for responding totally braindead. My operating system is Windows ME and I had no software, 'Brown Box' I guess OEM. How do you format a drive if you can't see it?

  bremner 20:15 05 Jun 2004

click here to download Maxblast3 it will take you step by step through the installation process.

  Tull 20:38 05 Jun 2004

Thanks, Bremner, but I don't have a Maxtor HDD installed as either master or slave. Will encounter more problems?

  bremner 20:42 05 Jun 2004

The make is irrelevant Maxblast works with all drives

  Totally-braindead 22:50 05 Jun 2004

bremner had a look at the link you gave but it said that you need at least 1 Maxtor drive in your computer un order for it to work, is this incorrect?

  TomJerry 23:03 05 Jun 2004

You do not need to format first if you use imaging program. Samsung also has disk manage program similar to Maxblast.

I think the best way is to get Ultimate Boot CD which has hard disk manage programs for all manufacturers and also other ultilities such as Clone HDD. It is is really a great ultity CD, check it ou yourself click here.

  Dorsai 11:56 06 Jun 2004

don't know what BIOS you have, but all the ones i have ever seen have an option to format a hard drive. Just to get you out of the situation you are in. be carful not to format the wrong one though! perhaps safest to unplug your old drive, set jumpers etc, then power up and go into the bios.

  bremner 12:06 06 Jun 2004

All I can say is I have used Maxblast on systems with no Maxtor drives without problems.

  Tull 17:45 06 Jun 2004

A small hiccup! After downloading Maxblast3 and installing, I chose the option to 'set up your Hard disk'. It asked whether this would be a bootable device, which is the option I chose, off it went. After a couple of minutes it asked to reboot, which it did. After the reboot MaxBlast3 was already opened and copying files across. However, after 5 minutes the system hung, and after 15mins I switched off. Upon restarting scandisk started a 'thorough' scan on drives C & D. I left this running all night. This morning MaxBlast reported a success and the disk was ready. I did not trust it so I chose to Copy drive to drive as I would be out all day. Returned to a success, however 40 files could not be copied and 'windows would repair most of them'. I removed the old disk swapped jumpers to master on new, entered Cmos upon reboot and autodected hard drive, and well here I am. So good so far. may I thank all contributors especially bremner. May you all have picked up another extremely useful tip!

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