Hard Disk Size and Maximum Memory - XP Home

  Peter 22:40 13 Aug 2007

I am about to acquire a 4 to 5 year old computer which is running XP Home and is fitted with a 38GB hard drive and 512Meg of RAM. I would like to fit a larger hard drive and more memory, but will I have a potential problem with too large a hard drive and is there an optimum amount of memory to use with Windows XP Home?

I know the above is a bit vague and that I could just buy a new machine, but I don't want to go over to Vista for a while.


  brundle 22:43 13 Aug 2007

512MB of RAM is adequate for XP, 1GB is preferable - you only /need/ more than that if you do serious CAD/graphics/digital audio/video work. Any hard-drive size will work if you have Service Pack 2.

  skidzy 22:43 13 Aug 2007

You should be fine if the system is up to date with services packs and updates.

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The amount of ram will depend on your motherboard.
Lets say you bought another 512MB,that will be fine for xp,actually it should fly along.

  skidzy 22:44 13 Aug 2007

I can hear an echo Brundle Lol.

  brundle 22:48 13 Aug 2007

Great minds etc :)

  Input Overload 22:50 13 Aug 2007

Ideally a Gig.

  Peter 22:54 13 Aug 2007


Thanks for your replies. Is it possible that the BIOS will limit the hard disk size that can be used? I tried to fit a 10.8GB drive to a 1996 Windows 95 machine and only 8GB could be seen unless I used track translation software. Apparently there was a 1024 track limit. I want to avoid "track translation software" as it slows down the drive access.


  skidzy 22:59 13 Aug 2007

You should be fine if sp2 is installed.

Windows has come a long way since 95.

I doubt you would need a bios update.

  brundle 22:59 13 Aug 2007

There was an issue with SP1 only seeing 137GB but that was addressed with SP2. I have a 250GB SATA drive working flawlessly in this XP machine. If the BIOS of the machine refuses to see larger drives then you may have a problem - it depends on the modes it will accept, Normal, LBA or Large are commonly seen in older BIOS versions.

  Peter 23:04 13 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help. Once I get hold of the machine I will be able to get a better look at it and decide what needs improving.

Thanks again everyone.


  Peter 23:06 13 Aug 2007


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