Hard disk shutting down

  Mr Mole 17:05 27 Jun 2009

I have a laptop (2 years old) a Gateway MT6832b with a T5300 and 100Gb hard drive and 4GB RAM with Vista SP2 fully updated. I run AVG & Avast both fully up to date and they detect nothing and the same goes for Spybot Search & Destroy. All the various power settings are set that the hard drive is never turned off. If the laptop is used constantly for work, surfing or watching a film all is well. But if it left for anymore than about 5 minutes doing nothing then the hard drive stops and no new icons can be activated. On shutting down via the start orb the screen just goes blank and the laptop remains powered on. This then requires a hard powering off. Also on most restarts on the odd occasion when it has shut down correctly a message appears that the disk needs to be checked. So sorry to rabbit on but I sure someone will have an answer.

  Clapton is God 17:19 27 Jun 2009

"I run AVG & Avast both fully up to date"

And therein lies your problem.

NEVER, EVER run more than one AV program.

They'll clash with each other, reducing your AV protection and causing any number of other issues/problems.

  Mr Mole 17:22 27 Jun 2009

Thanks for the info but they have been happy for 2 years so why should they get upset now?

  Clapton is God 17:29 27 Jun 2009

Uninstall one AV (I suggest AVG) and 'suck it and see'.

I repeat, you're certainly not helping matters at all by running two AVs.

  lotvic 18:22 27 Jun 2009

they are upset now, because they have both been kept updated and are now able to detect each other and they are fighting each other for control.

Whilst off line, stop both of them running, and then uninstall one of them.

  Mr Mole 10:23 28 Jun 2009

As per the advice I have removed one of the AVs and the situation is exactly the same. I was not convinced of this idea as 2 other laptops in the family running Vista have the same AVs running & have no issues.Any other ideas are most welcome.

  kidsis 11:37 28 Jun 2009

I think it would be worth running a check on the drive (the drive manufacturer's web site should have a program you can download), if only to rule out disk problems.

  tullie 11:52 28 Jun 2009

I think you should listen advice and just run one AV on each computer,if you wont take that advice,thats up to you.

  Mr Mole 12:00 28 Jun 2009

Thanks to kidsis, I shall give that a go
Thanks laso to tullie, I have only 1 AV running and the problem persists, as I have posted. I did take the advice.

  lotvic 12:06 28 Jun 2009

Did you do a reboot?

Run Chkdsk from the Start> Run click here
Then run sfc /runnow to check the system files. note the space between c and /
click here click here

If it is not any of these then it must be one of the various power settings. It sounds like it is hibernating or something.
Check all of the various harddrive and mouse and keyboard command settings (again).

  Mr Mole 12:43 28 Jun 2009

Thanks lotvic
I did do a reboot and the situation is the same. I shall run the various items you mention a little later this afternoon as I am out for lunch with the outlaws soon. I did not want you thinking I was ignoring your advice.

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