Hard disk security

  Y2K_Phil 18:52 24 Oct 2004

Hi all

I have been trying to set up a secure network using windows xp and server 2003. I am wanting to lock the cient machines so that users cannot gain access to the C: drive from inside such programes as word, excel etc. I will be redirecting the m documents to a network drive which I can control access to.

Thanks for all you help

  jg1990 19:02 24 Oct 2004

you can 'lock' the local disk drive, in your case C.

However, you can hide the local drive, but, I'm afraid I don't know how.

I take it you're network is set up in a domain?

Regards, James

  Night Ryder 19:29 24 Oct 2004

If you wish to hide a drive on a network put a $ sign on the end of its name. For example if your drive is called "Mydrive" do this, "Mydrive$" and it will now be invisible.

To access the drive you will have to click on run and type its name like so "\\Mydrive$". Or create a shortcut to this drive.

Advantage is only you or anyone you've shared this knowlege can access this drive.

  Y2K_Phil 21:20 24 Oct 2004

Cheers Guys

I am running on a domain and want to hide the drives on the local machines, to prevent files being changed or renamed whcih could damage in installating.

  Gaz W 00:01 25 Oct 2004

I've never been able to do that either since Windows NT 4 and Windows 98, where you could do it using system policies!

With the old system policies once you hid the drive it was hidden everywhere, Open/Save boxes, the lot.

With Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003, I think users logged on at a more lowly level can't do much with the hard drive anyway. I don't think they can delete files from the hard drive anyway, but it would be good to be able to completely hide the C drive I agree.

I'm using 2000 Server but I imagine it may be similar with 2003, so I'll have another look into it.

  Gaz W 00:05 25 Oct 2004

I didn't mention that you do use Group Policy to do this. If it's similar to 2000 Server you might find it in Admin Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.

You can then do a group policy for everyone or for specific groups... I've not been in there for a while so I've forgotten exactly what you click!

  Y2K_Phil 18:52 25 Oct 2004

Cheers Gaz W

I am using active directory and I cannot find the tab anywhere is it even exists. I have done it ages ago on a Wind 2K server and have just plain fogot

  TomJerry 18:59 25 Oct 2004

PCs in my work, nothing can be save to C:

  jg1990 11:52 05 Dec 2004

I have just found a way to hide and lock any drive you want in group policy.

This is done on the client machines.

Open up group policy (gpedit.msc), User Configuration >Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Explorer.

The two policies are about a quarter of the way, down the page.

Hope this helps!
Regards, James

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