Hard Disk Problem

  Les 15:48 06 Mar 2007

I've recently had to restore an image to my computer, replacing the whole of the 'C' Drive in the process. Typically, I forget to save some programs first!

I tried to run Toca (Race Driver 3) and it wouldn't run. Thought that an uninstall was necessary and so tried that - the uninstall was done from the Add and Remove section of the Control Panel. It failed, saying that the Worldbook.bik file on the 'L' drive had caused an error and so the unistallation ended abruptly. I tried to find the file and found that the former 'L' Partition had now changed to 'J' and the file didn't exist. Apparently, when I loaded the image, the drive letters had become reorganised into alphabetical order - what happened to the .bik file is anyone's guess.

I've tried to change the 'J' partition letter back to 'L' so that the Toca disk will recognise that but find that, both in Partition Magic and Disk Managemnt that the driver letters listed do not include 'L'! Which means, of course, that I have no chance of reloading Toca.

I have just done an inspection of the Registry and see that there is an entry for Codemasters, in that I see reference to various files on 'L' drive - can the reference to Codemasters be safely deleted - bear in mind that I am reluctant to dabble in the registry unless I;m certain it is safe to do so.

Why is this?

  Les 15:50 06 Mar 2007

re: Why is this?

This referred to the drive letter anomaly.

  woodchip 16:18 06 Mar 2007

You can change drive letters in XP, right click on "My Computer" then click Manage\Disc Management

  Les 19:11 06 Mar 2007

That was the first thing I tried Woodchip - after clicking 'Change Drive letters' and then opening the list box showing the drive letters available, they begin with 'M' which I assume means that all letters below that are being used already. In which case where the heck is 'L' as it doesn't appear anywhere and so the program I'm trying to uninstall cannot be found. As I have said, the entry in the Registry refers to the 'L' drive too. It's a puzzle!

Thanks for your reply - any other ideas welcomed.

  Les 19:48 06 Mar 2007

I would also like to know from Registry savvy members if I can delete a program listed under HKEY_Local_Machine ... Software.

The reference to Codemasters is the entry I wish to remove. Is it safe just to delete the whole entry (an entry which includes one sub entry) or will this 'upset the applecart' ?

  Les 00:03 07 Mar 2007


  Les 17:39 07 Mar 2007

The letter 'L' has been assigned to an external drive (usb 'dongle') - so that problem is solved.

  woodchip 19:08 07 Mar 2007

Why not try using L on the drive that used to have it! It may not show, but can you just type L in

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