hard disk partition advice needed

  « Ravin » 08:29 31 Jan 2003

i've just gotten a new 80 gb hard disk and was wondering about what sizes to use for the partitions... or rather what size to use for the primary partition c: where i'll be installing windows xp.

a friend of mine said that installing the o/s on a smaller partition say 10 gb would make it faster since windows wouldn't have to search the whole disk for the files. is that so?

any advice here would be much appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 09:27 31 Jan 2003

What I would do...

C - OS -10 GB

D - My Data - downloads, email cache, created documents etc - 30Gb

E - for ghost images of C - 10 GB

F - DVDs, CDs etc which can be run from the hdd but need not be backed up as you will always have the originals - 30GB (using something like Virtual Drive) or for ripped DVDs etc.

  Lú-tzé 09:29 31 Jan 2003

PS - if you have another physical drive, use it as a copy for your ghost images / necessary data - a backup is of little use if the hdd fails and all are one one physical drive.

  « Ravin » 09:34 31 Jan 2003

hmm interesting suggestions there... maybe i'll use my old hard disk 15gb for backups . its only about 8 months old..

but that brings up another thing. the old disk is 5400rpm and the new one 7200 can they both be used together ? any effects on the speed etc?

  BrianW 09:56 31 Jan 2003

Ravin, no problem with the 5400 affecting the speed of the 7200 (unless they are different standards - ATA-66 with an ATA-133 for example). If the new drive is significantly larger than your old one then you will be limited to saving your back-ups in compressed format. Not a problem, it just removes one option which I use, which is to copy the complete "C" drive, including OS. This means that if "C" drive fails I can still boot from "D" drive.

  « Ravin » 10:29 31 Jan 2003

yes both disks use ultra ATA/100 interface so i guess it should be ok

  « Ravin » 10:31 31 Jan 2003

i suppose that also answers all my questions so i'll tick it resolved.

thanks Lú-tzé and BrianW

  leo49 10:48 31 Jan 2003

Rather than allot space according to a general rule of thumb,have a good think about how YOU use the PC and apportion appropriately.With 6-7mb for your OS,you've approx 70mb to play with,so the permutations are many.

There's no doubt that the judicious use of partitions will improve the efficiency of your PC and reduce the level of necessary housekeeping, so it really depends how far you want to take it.

My personal example - I've 2x80gb HDD's split into 19 partitions.


  « Ravin » 14:07 31 Jan 2003

19 partitions!

well actually i was maily hoping for advice on the c: partition size and have gone with 10 gb..heres how i finally did it:

C: 10 gb (o/s)
D: 20 gb (documents)
E: 20 gb (games , so fat 32)
F: 30 gb (movies, cd's etc)

old disk 20 gb , 2 equal partitions for backups etc.

  leo49 14:15 31 Jan 2003

5 of mine are hidden OS's so it's not quite as anal-retentive as it sounds!


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