Hard disk overheating????

  Antz 00:31 15 Aug 2007

I recently installed a utility to monitor my HDD drive temperature because my case felt a little too warm to the touch. It reported that my Seagate Barracuda 160GB 7200rpm was at 59 degrees C. I presume this is way too hot. I believe the figures are correct as I removed the case and the drive felt very hot to the touch. However, it is reasonable to assume the drive has been running at these temps ( un-noticed )for a long time. So, is my HDD about to give in?

By removing the case it has dropped back to 50C at idle. I also shut down my PC, allowed it to cool and rebooted. The temp quickly climbed to 50C with the case still off.Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

My full spec is.....
Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P800
3.06 GHz Intel P4 ( prescott )with HT
1.5 GB PC3200 DDR Memory
HDD as above + additional Western Digital 40GB as slave drive.
nVidia Geforce 6600 256MB Video AGP
Creative Live 7.1 PCI Sound

it's warm but i dont think it's too bad. mine stay just under 40c but they are behind a 120mm front case fan. so i wouldn't think it was dangerously hot. what the airflow in the case like? thats pretty much all you can do i suppose. if you want a second opinion run click here click the self installing exe file halfway down page on the right.

some tips here click here an exhaust pci slot fan is a quick fix, if you connect it straight to the psu get one with low db, cost you about a fiver.

sorry for the multipost. just read through that again, because the hard drive is cooled passively, if your case is set up correctly it should run cooler with the side on, if the side is off it will be sitting in still air, if it's cooler with the side off you need to look at the airflow. have you got case fan/fans? is it/they spinning? basic rules the bigger the fan the quieter, in at the front (if you're looking at the fan label, the air will be blowing toward you) out at the back, try and have more out than in, ie 1 fan out none in or 2 fans out 1 in etc. this should keep air running over all the passive cooled components, removing the side will break the 'wind tunnel' and passive cooled parts should gradually get hotter.
hope this helps, sorry for writing war and peace!

  Antz 03:36 15 Aug 2007

Thanks for that, so you are suggesting that if my air flow is correct the HD should be cooler when I leave the case cover on. Therefore, I do have an air flow problem within this PC. The CPU is also hot, 58C at idle with the stock fan. The only other fan is on the PSU. I think I will talk to my local PC guy about investing in an improved case.

  irishrapter 06:26 15 Aug 2007

You could try a hard drive cooler.
I have four of these in my server and the hard drives never get above 35 degrees.

click here

  €dstowe 07:19 15 Aug 2007

One PSU fan and one CPU fan are not enough for any modern computer. There should be at least one large fan attached to the rear of the case (isn't there space for one?). Also many modern machines have space at the front near the hard drive(s) to install a fan.

  Antz 08:39 15 Aug 2007

Just checked my case, there is indeed a space at the back of the case for a fan. What type of fan is recommended, there is 100mm (diagonal) distance between the holes for the 4 support screws.

agreed, if you have more than your hdd running warm, airflow. you probably don't need a case, a £5 fan will probably do the job. as i said earlier the temps are not critical for the time of year. just get the biggest fan that will fit in the space at the back of your case, have it bios or psu controlled to keep the noise to a minimum, buy 3 cans of compressed air, give everything a good blast especially the heat sinks. if you have ribbon eide cabbles these should be folded to keep their profile as low as possible. my cpu is passively cooled as is the motherboard, graphics card fan is set to mimimum on a 8800gtx (64c max) all other temps are around 30/40.
i have 2 120 fans at the rear and one at the front. and my psu has 2 fans. on idle it's almost quiet.
remember, it's summer? so they tell me. so everything will be a degree or 2 warmer anyhow. with no airflow your case is pretty much an oven on low. try one fan first i think this will make a great difference.
if you have run pc wizard, if you open the program and click mimimise it will show temps only in the top right hand side of your screen.

must type faster! click here

  bjh 09:59 15 Aug 2007

This section of Ebuyer deals with case cooling

click here

Fit the biggest fan you can in the rear of your computer, and see what a difference it makes. Big fans turn more slowly than small fans (and shift more air), so there shouldn't be a great deal of increase in noise.

If you buy a cheap one, it may not come with fixing screws.... you may need those bought seperately!

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