Hard Disk not detected

  User-E5E86C2D-D398-4C96-9C3AA959E06B09BE 13:51 05 Oct 2009

My Hard Disk slave (IDE) is recognized by bios, but not by My computer or Disk Manager.

What do i need to do to fix this problem?

Thank you all

  DieSse 14:59 05 Oct 2009

It may have failed.

Is this a new drive? - or a previously working drive from another computer? - or a drive that was working in this computer.

Have you just fitted it? - have you made any changes at all with your drives?

How have you set the jumpers on it? - what is the jumper on the Master drive set to? - is this a slave on the Primary channel to another hard drive - is it a Slave on the Secondary channel to an Optical drive?

Yes i just fitted it and it is set as slave
I am using XP

It is detected in bios but not in my computer or disk management.

The hdd is new and working perfectly because i tried it as an external hard disk

it is a slave on the Primary channel to another HDD

  daveeb 16:00 05 Oct 2009

is it partitioned and formatted ?. If not go to control panel > administrative tools > computer management and right click on the entry for the drive. You should get an option to create a primary partition and from there you can format.

daveeb sorry i do not see any entry for the drive

  Technotiger 16:27 05 Oct 2009

Is it fitted on the correct Middle position on the IDE cable?

yes it is

  DieSse 17:14 05 Oct 2009

What do you have (if anything) in Device Manager? -

Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager

What capacity is the new drive, and roughly how old is your system? There are some capacity limitations in some circumstances.

Check and cross check the jumper settings on the new drive and the existing drive.

in device manager i have only my master HDD

the second hdd ( slave)is only 20G

My system is about one year old

The problem is the slave is detected in the bios !!

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