Hard Disk Lockup

  Man of Oak 10:50 23 Jan 2003
  Man of Oak 10:50 23 Jan 2003

My wife's laptop (Toshiba 4000 series) has decided to stop functioning. When the computer is switched on the 'Welcome to Toshiba' screen comes up and then a white cursor appears on the screen and that's it - nothing more. I upgraded to Win2000 a couple of months ago (from Win98SE) and it's never been the same since. It switches itself off if not used for some time and has to be completely rebooted (whereas before a move of the mouse would revive it). It may have something to do with the energy saver option. My wife set up a screen saver to try and stop the problem and that's about the point at which it started malfunctioning. She was told that the Hard Disk is locked but we don't know what to do about it. Anyone got any ideas?

  Rowey 11:01 23 Jan 2003

You can stop it going into stanby by going to the power options in the control panel. Set it so the hard disks and monitor are never turned off.

Also, have you installed all the latest drivers for win2k? Did you install win2k over me or from scratch?

  Man of Oak 11:21 23 Jan 2003

Unfortunately can't get the system up to do anything let alone get near control panel.
from memory, I think I installed win2k pro from scratch, i.e it wasn't an upgrade. I got the report out telling me what wasn't compatible etc. but ignored it all and only looked for the other s/w upgrades after I had upgraded to win2k. I had to look quite hard to get an upgrade for the display adaptor. Looking at the list now, one that stands out is 'Incompatible Hard Disk Controller'. However, things have been working reasonably until now so I haven't looked for a driver for this. In the list of 'Software that does not support Windows 2000' was 'Power Saver' but I think I downloaded an upgrade to that from Toshiba. A lot of the other items were marked as 'not currently present' and so I was not over- concerned. Before that I has successfully upgraded my own PC and laptop to Win2K without any probs so I was a bit smug, I suppose.

  Rowey 11:51 23 Jan 2003

usually when you turn a laptop on you will hear the harddisk initialize......Do you hear anything?

The machine running strange after the install of win2k may just have been down to drivers. not booting at all sounds like a hardware fault.....

  Man of Oak 14:43 23 Jan 2003

When the computer is turned on the hard disk certainly starts to whirr.

  Rowey 14:56 23 Jan 2003

You could try booting from a boot disk (the WIN2k cd should work too)....and then see if you can access the hard disk.

can you see the hard disk from the bios? There should be an option to get into the bios on the first screen when you turn it on.

  Man of Oak 00:30 24 Jan 2003

Escape and control whilst booting up does show the bios and Hard Disk is there. Are you sure the Win2K CD should work - we tries that already without success. I thought it wasn't possible to boot up Win2K from a CD anyway (read it somewhere tonight).

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