Hard disk hiding!

  Kernel 11:28 08 Nov 2005

I recently loaded Windows XP Pro onto a Quantum Fireball 40gb hard disk which was fine then on boot up I got the line 'Boot from CD' after 2 or 3 re-boots with the same result I used the CD but it began the XP loading procedure. Now it finds the 1st HD intermittently but always finds the second disk, a Western Digital set as slave.
I have checked the BIOS, sometimes it finds the Quantum, sometimes not. The BIOS is set to boot from floppy, then the HD and finally CD. I have checked the jumper settings , memory and replaced the IDE cable but still get the same result although when I replaced the IDE cable it found the first HD several times before reverting to the fault. Even the Maxtor diagnostic floppy does not find the 1st HD now.

  moore_mat 14:41 08 Nov 2005

Hi Kernel

It might be worth checking the website for the manufacturer of your motherboard. It's not uncommon for 'boards to not work with particular peripherals and if it is a slightly older board, then there could well be a fix. These can entail a BIOS upgrade/flash which if done incorrectly could ruin the 'board, so please read ALL INSTRUCTIONS THEY PROVIDE VERY CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THEM TO THE LETTER!

If that doesn't work (or there is no such fix) then you may want to try going back to an older hard drive. If your PC recognises this fine, then you'll probably want to go back to whoever sold you the hard drive and ask if they can swap out for another one. If you're not feeling confident with a BIOS flash, then try this first!

Good luck!

[email protected]

  Kernel 16:23 08 Nov 2005

Many thanks Moore_Mat. I had wondered about the mobo which is a Gigabyte 7DXE, I was looking for a common fault and have checked just about everything other then the mobo. I have a another computer with an identical 7DXE which is absolutely stable and will try the HD in that. The computer which has the problem is mainly a standby, often has long periods when not powered up and I wondered if the BIOS battery is on the blink?

  moore_mat 16:38 08 Nov 2005

Hi again Kernel

No; the BIOS would let you know that the Voltage was Running Low if the battery was running out. It should still have at least auto-detected the hard drive.

Good luck with the testing!

[email protected]

  Kernel 08:05 09 Nov 2005

Hi Moore_Mat,
I have just this am booted the machine up and it detected the HD and loaded XP perfectly, I looked at one or two programmes which responded OK and then switched off. Second attempt to boot up -Zilch!!
I am dricen to the conclusion that it is the BIOS or the mobo - I favour the latter, will swop over tomorrow (sick visiting today) and post result.
Many Thanks

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