hard disk gone - will external do the job?

  mco 16:51 21 Nov 2005

Just a thought.. please could you experts advise? Have a laptop and have been told the harddisk's broken (checkdisk revealed bad sectors and couldn't fix it;) If I got an external usb harddrive, would it work? Or would it not work, if the IDE controller's gone (and I don't know if it is) Please don't laugh if this sounds silly - I only know a little bit about computers and the rest I'm making up as I go along, but I just wondered...? I don't have the skills myself to do anything internally to the laptop and was quoted several hundred pounds for a new motherboard.

  Simsy 16:54 21 Nov 2005

on whether the BIOS gives the option to boot from a USB device.

It might be possible, but it's probably cumbersome if it is.

Good luck,



  mco 17:00 21 Nov 2005

I know it's hardly going to make the laptop more portable (!) but I have reasons for wanting to give it a try, so I might!

  wee eddie 17:00 21 Nov 2005

This will help folk advise you to the best route to take.

  Klof Ron 17:00 21 Nov 2005

If your hard drive has gone, why do you need a new motherboard. When its switched off turn it upside down and look for any covers held in place by screws. If you see one that's roughly 4x3 inches, chances are its the hard drive. Undo the screws and have a look. if it is it will slide out and you can purchase another, and re-install the OS, after making sure you have all the required drivers from the makers website.

  Graham ® 17:02 21 Nov 2005

If you obtain a program such as Norton Ghost, then back up the hard disk to the USB one. If necessary, you can then boot, using the Norton Ghost CD, to the USB hard disk.

  mco 17:16 21 Nov 2005

wee eddie; it's my neighbour's who gave it to me as it was broken on the understanding that if I could fix it, I could keep it. Trouble is, it's a tiny! Only just out of warranty but they went bust anyway. One shop said it needed a new motherboard because of faulty IDE controller and harddisk - other folks said just harddisk.

  wee eddie 18:29 21 Nov 2005

Laptops are notoriously difficult to repair, because of the restricted space inside.

The cost of replacement parts are frequently prohibitive but will be available.

Although the Owner of Tiny (Granville Technologies) has gone bust, Watford/Saveastore are now trading the Tiny name and may be willing to sell you the replacement parts.

Their staff are getting a lot of flack at the moment, so a quiet pleasant approach would be advisable.

  mco 20:11 21 Nov 2005

I'll have a look online.

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