Hard disk full in win98

  dodger 11:15 15 Sep 2004

I keep getting a hard disk full notification even though my 1.99G c drive is only 724mb full.
Any ideas?

  cga 12:21 15 Sep 2004

I would imagine that the system paging file is taking a big chunk of what is lefgt bringing you to the point wherte the warnings start.

  Graham ® 12:24 15 Sep 2004

Can you compress the drive to give more capacity?

  Graham ® 12:34 15 Sep 2004

Or convert to FAT 32 if it is FAT 16?

  wednesday 13 12:35 15 Sep 2004

Have you had extended memory that the computer doesn't recognise?

  TomJerry 12:43 15 Sep 2004

FAT16 will waste a lot of space if there are a lot of small files. FAT16 use bigger size of Cluster (smalles storage unit). One cluster cannot hold more than one file (bigger file need more clusters). So small file in a big cluster will waste space. When you check file size, it gives you actuall size, so 774MB used more then 1GB disk space.

  bremner 12:50 15 Sep 2004

http: // click here

Remove the space each side of the //

For Fat16 - FAT32 comparisons

  dodger 23:35 16 Sep 2004

Thanks for all your answers but it hasen't resolved my problem. I hane FAT32 but I don't know how to check my system paging file. I understand I can't compress the drive with FAT32 and besides, I'm not actually short of disk space.
Any other ideas or suggestions.

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