Hard Disk is fine but need info on Mirror Image

  User-324448 09:58 31 May 2005

Hi, last week I had a lot of help re my failed hard drive, SeaShanty gave me a lot of info which has enabled me to get this system up and running again he has also suggested I get Maxblast(which I have done) to "Clone" from one drive to another. what I need to know is what is the difference between Maxblast, a free download and Mirror Image or Norton Ghost which have to be payed for, I feel I am in another minefield and need to learn more and tread with care. Oh and why did my hard drive fail??it was not overworked

  Indigo 1 10:27 31 May 2005

With Freeware, you don't usually get the same level of support that a company like Norton can provide should things go wrong.

Hard Drives fail for a variety of reasons including overheating, being mounted upside down, excess vibration or knocks and excessive access.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 31 May 2005

Maxblast, as far as I know, simply copies info from one disk to another.

Ghost and such imaging programs, create image files which can later be restored if you want to go back to a previous state or if the machine won't boot.

  DieSse 14:08 31 May 2005

Acronis True Image, which many people here use, is a particularly simple image/clone/backup program to use. It's not free, but is an excellent investment for such purposes.

  Joe R 14:23 31 May 2005


I've got to side with DieSse here, and agree with his choice of software.
Acronis True Image, has always done for me, what it "says on the box".

  Joe R 14:31 31 May 2005

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  User-324448 15:32 31 May 2005

Acronis says it can keep a boot up disc online I am struggling here as when my system hard drive failed it was not possible to get online so if I understand correctly I could make a CD of everything if I bought Acronis or some other mirror immage prog.Then when a new hard drive is fitted I just stick the CD in and in moments we are up and running ??? sounds to good to be true

  User-324448 15:38 31 May 2005

You said Indigo that a hard disk could fail due to overheating, mine was sandwiched between the spare hard disk below it and the DVD drive with little or no airgap between 'em and I know they warm up, do you think I should mount my new one as far away from the other as I can to give them both a chance or am I being paranoid now.Prof

  Joe R 16:22 31 May 2005


I have my hard drive installed in a removable drive cage. I also have two Adda fans installed at the front of this cage, which pull air in over the drive, and one at the back, and a top blowhole to exhaust warm air.

It is my belief, that the cooler each part in a system runs, the more solid (and faster) the system will run.

Try and give as much space for airflow, as possible, around the H/D, and if possible, fit an intake fan in front of it.

  Joe R 16:24 31 May 2005


meant to add, it is just a matter of inserting a disk, to start the restore process in True Image, and you do not have to be online at the time.

  User-324448 16:49 31 May 2005

Joe I am quite able to install the fans but I need a bit more from you, What are ADDA fans where do they pick up their feeds and do they need a 'stat or heat sensor.I do not have room to install a seperate cage for a removeable HD but I could easily poke a few ventilation holes in my box or even leave the side off. Hope these are not silly questions

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