Hard disk failure rescue software

  richierich 22:50 12 May 2003

Recently had a hard disk failure, fortunately all important stuff was backed up, but I would like to try some cheap or free rescue software, Ive heard there is such thing. At the moment if I connect the hard drive in a another machine as a slave it is recognised but the machine says its unformatted.
Any recomendations on software to try please

  woodchip 23:03 12 May 2003

Put it back as master. start with boot floppy and type FDISK/MBR first to reset the Master Boot Record. Then try SCANDISK C: both at Dos from floppy start disc if that does not get it going then it's serious

  richierich 23:07 12 May 2003

can I make a floppy boot disk in win2000?
Ive heard there is recovery software, id be interested in trying it. Im not overly worried as I have all important stuff backed up anyway(thankfully)

  woodchip 23:13 12 May 2003

If there is a Dos under Win 2000 then you should be able to do the above but I am no sure about 2000

  Zaxifone 23:23 12 May 2003

Out of curiosity, what OS do you have on the failed hard drive, and what OS is on the other machine you tried? Its just that if the failed one was NTFS and the other system is FAT32 then it wouldn't be able to read the drive anyway...

Just an idea...


  richierich 23:33 12 May 2003

The failed drive was win98se, have tried it in win98se machine and win2000(ntfs) same result

  Zaxifone 23:37 12 May 2003

What does the drive do when booting? Does it give an error message at all?


p.s. If you want to fdisk the master boot record its FDISK /MBR (it needs the space)...

  richierich 23:47 12 May 2003

Zaxifone, the drive wont boot on its own, I put it in another machine as a slave. It is recognised and assigned a drive letter, but when i click onit it says drive isnt formatted, would i like to format it. I presume if i was to do this it would erase any data on it so i always quit at this point.
I suppose i could try and reformat it but I wouldnt trust it anymore so there would be no point.

  Zaxifone 00:01 13 May 2003

You're right in thinking it will erase all data. If you are asking above if you can make a boot floppy in Win2000 for the 98se computer, I'm afraid that won't work. You need to try and get hold of a 98 boot disk and try booting from that. After that you will see if you can access your data, or if the drive has died...



  Migwell 00:07 13 May 2003

On my computer which has an Asus A7V226E board inside, I have the choice of booting from either 'C' or 'D' drive. Now then I have Win XP on both drives and can quite easly see the other drive no matter which one the computer booted from. This has helped me out on a few occassions when I had boot problems with the main 'C' drive. At this point I just switch to the 'D' drive, boot up and back up any files onto the fully working drive, where upon I can then even format my main drive and re-install Windows and the other prog's.

  woodchip 00:30 13 May 2003

You need to put it back in the computer you took it out of and do what I said above with a disc from click here the instructions above will work with Win98

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